“Spotify is Not a Business Partner,” declares NMPA Chief

Spotify vs. Music Publishers: A Deepening Rift

The ongoing battle between music publishers and Spotify has intensified this week, as disagreements over licensing and royalties come to a head. In the latest episode of the Setlist Podcast, industry experts delve into the escalating conflict.

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This Week’s Top Stories

Sony Music Takes Legal Action Against Marriott Hotels

Sony Music has filed a lawsuit against the Marriott hotel chain, alleging widespread copyright infringement in the use of music in social media videos. The major record label is seeking damages for what it describes as Marriott’s deliberate violation of intellectual property rights.

News in Brief

In other news, a legal battle is brewing at Sheffield’s iconic venue, The Leadmill, as the Electric Group seeks to enforce an eviction order against the current management team. The dispute raises logistical and human rights concerns surrounding the venue’s ownership and operation.

The live music industry celebrates as four individuals are sentenced for running a fraudulent ticket resale business. Industry figures, including Ed Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp, view the convictions as a crucial step in cracking down on illegal ticketing practices.

TikTok and a coalition of creators are pushing to expedite legal proceedings against the US government’s TikTok-targeting legislation. With a deadline looming for TikTok’s potential sale or ban, the parties seek swift action in challenging the controversial law.

In a bizarre twist, actor Scarlett Johansson accuses AI platform ChatGPT of appropriating her voice for one of its virtual assistants. Despite denials from the company, Johansson is adamant that her vocal likeness was used without consent, leading to the assistant’s removal.

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Also Mentioned

Additional stories and updates on the latest developments in the music industry will be covered in upcoming episodes of the Setlist Podcast. Stay tuned for more insights and analysis on key issues facing the music business.

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