Spicoli Scramble Golf Tournament Raises $20K in Honor of Quinn Coleman

Honoring Quinn Coleman with the Inaugural Spicoli Scramble Invitational

On May 5th, an unforgettable event took place to celebrate the life and legacy of Quinn Coleman, a prominent figure in the music industry. Quinn, known for his role as a co-founder of the DC music festival Trillectro and as Debra Lee’s son, was honored by over 150 of his closest friends and family at the first Spicoli Scramble Invitational. The event raised over $20,000 for the Recording Academy’s Quinn Coleman Memorial Scholarship Fund, showcasing the profound impact he had on those around him.

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Celebrating Quinn’s Legacy

Modi Oyewole, Quinn’s Co-Founder at Trillectro Music Festival, along with Hannah Wittman from sal&co and William “VJ” White, creator of the party series WORD OF MOUTH, came together to organize this memorable event. It served as a beautiful tribute to Quinn’s life and the indelible mark he left on the music industry. Quinn’s unexpected passing in August 2020 left a void, but his legacy lives on through the scholarship fund established in his honor.

A Heartwarming Gathering

The gathering at the Spicoli Scramble Invitational was truly heartwarming, as friends and family from across the country came together to celebrate Quinn. Modi Oyewole, Quinn’s longtime friend and business partner, expressed the emotional significance of the event, emphasizing the camaraderie and sense of competition that honored Quinn’s memory. The absence of Quinn was deeply felt, with everyone wishing he could have been there to join in the festivities.

A Tribute Through Music

The Spicoli Scramble Invitational was aptly named after Quinn’s DJ moniker, Spicoli, paying homage to his musical talent and influence. The event featured a stellar lineup of DJs, including Dj Domo, DJ Osh Kosh, Jadaboo, DJ Sean G, Jonny Rabbit, and Smiles Davis, showcasing the diverse and vibrant music scene that Quinn cherished.

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Participants at the tournament, including Mike Pak from Koreatown Run Club, Alex James from Pleasures, Camille Hyde from The CW’s All American: Homecoming, Lester Spellman from Spellman Performance, and others, competed in a Par 3 10-hole 4-player scramble, adding a competitive edge to the event.

Official sponsors for the event included well-known brands like Lululemon, Celaya Tequila, Happy Dad, Topo Chico, OnlyGolfers, and Swang, underscoring the support and recognition that Quinn’s legacy commands in the industry.

Empowering Black Music Creators

The Recording Academy’s Quinn Coleman Memorial Scholarship stands as a testament to Quinn’s dedication to empowering emerging Black music creators. The scholarship offers financial assistance and a comprehensive career development program for underrepresented college students, aiming to break down barriers within the music industry.

To date, the initiative has paved the way for professional growth opportunities for students, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to secure full-time work in the industry after graduation.

Supporting the Cause

The Spicoli Scramble provided a platform to honor Quinn’s memory while also contributing to a noble cause. To learn more about the event and donate to the Recording Academy’s Quinn Coleman Memorial Scholarship Fund, visit their website here.

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