The Setlist Podcast: Hipgnosis v Hipgnosis

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Drama Unfolds: Concord Music Makes Offer Amidst Standoff

This week, the ongoing saga at Hipgnosis took a new turn as Concord Music made a tempting offer to buy the SONG music rights fund. The bidding war intensified as Blackstone proposed a higher offer, threatening the status quo. Alchemy-backed Concord then upped their bid, edging out Blackstone in a dramatic twist.

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Co-op Live Arena Struggles with Technical Issues Ahead of Launch

Meanwhile, in Manchester, the new Co-op Live arena faced technical problems that forced the last-minute cancellation of thousands of tickets for a test event. The GM of Co-op Live remarked on the challenges of grassroots venues and the need for more efficient management to avoid such issues in the future.

Updates on Main Stories:

Concord Music’s offer adds a new twist to the Hipgnosis v Hipgnosis saga.
Blackstone Offer
Blackstone’s proposal challenges the existing dynamics of the SONG music rights fund.
Hipgnosis Takeover Battle
The battle for the Hipgnosis Songs Fund takeover reaches a pivotal moment.
Concord vs. Blackstone
Alchemy-backed Concord and Blackstone engage in a fierce competition for control.
Co-op Live Arena
Co-op Live’s challenging debut raises concerns about venue operations.

News in Brief:

In other news, the US Senate has approved a law requiring ByteDance to sell TikTok or face a ban, sparking legal battles and political maneuvers. An Amazon AI employee alleges company pressures to bend copyright rules to stay competitive. Additionally, debates on funding BBC radio and a legal threat to Drake over an AI Tupac verse in a diss track continue to make headlines.

Further Topics Explored:

AI and Music
SPOT Festival’s exploration of AI and music one year later offers insights into technological advancements.
Digital Dollar Analysis
Dissecting The Digital Dollar report evaluates changes in streaming business dynamics.
New Pay-out Models
The repercussions of evolving streaming payout models for artists and songwriters are discussed at SPOT Festival.
Streaming Swindle Issue
SPOT Festival delves into the challenges of streaming payouts and the impact of fraudulent practices.

This week’s events in the music industry showcase a blend of drama, competition, and technical challenges, emphasizing the complex dynamics at play within the sector.

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