Kiss: A Night with Charli XCX and Chilly Gonzales in Downtown

Pophouse, a Swedish company best known for its involvement in the Abba ‘Voyage’ shows, has revealed a new deal to acquire a variety of rights from Kiss, including the band’s share of recording and song rights, revenues, brand, and likeness rights. The company is also collaborating with Kiss on a show featuring digital avatars of the band’s members. Pophouse CEO Per Sundin aims to “safeguard and enrich” Kiss’s legacy through upcoming global projects, revitalizing their characters and personas while enhancing the visual world of Kiss.

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In terms of appointments, Downtown Music Holdings has appointed Pieter van Rijn as the new CEO of Downtown Music. Van Rijn, previously the President of Downtown Music and CEO of its FUGA business, now oversees all of the company’s businesses under the Downtown Music banner, including distributor CD Baby, as well as publishing, label, and neighboring rights services. Reporting to Downtown Music Holdings CEO Andrew Bergman, Van Rijn will lead various corporate functions within the organization.

Talent development organization UD, based in Stratford, East London, has revealed the ten artists selected to participate in its Incubator Programme, supported by collecting society PPL. The initiative aims to assist young musicians of black origin in transitioning from educational or vocational training to the commercial music market. By enhancing their creative skills and business knowledge, UD prepares these artists for long-term success in the music industry. The selected artists include Allyson, Charlotte Dowsson, Izzy Withers, J2, MARACHÉ, Olympia Vitalis, Skee, Skye, TayoLoxs, and Zuko Rosemeid.

On the retail front, music retailer Rough Trade has announced the opening of its new Liverpool store on April 18, just ahead of Record Store Day on April 20. The new location features a bar and venue on the first floor, set to fully open in May. Rich Nemeth, Head of Retail at Rough Trade, expresses excitement about expanding to Liverpool, a city with a rich musical history and vibrant community. The store aims to become a central hub for music fans in Liverpool, reflecting the city’s diverse music scene.

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In the realm of distribution, TuneCore has unveiled a new integration with Studio One, PreSonus’ digital audio workstation. This partnership allows Studio One users to easily set up a TuneCore artist account, verify metadata for their recordings, and distribute music to digital stores and streaming platforms directly from Studio One. TuneCore CEO Andreea Gleeson views this collaboration as a way to simplify the distribution process for artists, aligning with TuneCore’s mission of supporting musicians.

Moving into the digital space, TikTok faces challenges in the US as lawmakers consider legislation that would compel its China-based owner, ByteDance, to sell the app or face a ban. Advancing American Freedom, founded by former Vice President Mike Pence, is backing the proposed legislation with a $2 million ad campaign, countering TikTok’s efforts to oppose the bill. Pence argues that TikTok serves as a platform for Chinese propaganda and data collection, advocating for the separation of the app from the Chinese Communist Party. The legislation has already passed the House of Representatives and is now under consideration by the Senate.

In the music realm, Charli XCX has announced a series of arena shows in November and December to coincide with the release of her upcoming album ‘BRAT’ on June 7. Fans who pre-order the album before April 9 will receive early access to tickets for the shows, which will go on general sale on April 12.

Finally, Chilly Gonzales has released a new single ‘F*ck Wagner’ exploring the debate surrounding the separation of artists from their work, citing examples from historical and contemporary figures like Wagner and Kanye. Accompanying the release is a petition urging Cologne to rename Richard Wagner Strasse to Tina Turner Strasse, in recognition of Turner’s artistry and as a response to Wagner’s anti-Semitic views. Additionally, Ibibio Sound Machine has shared a new track ‘Mama Say’ from their upcoming album ‘Pull The Rope’, celebrating and honoring women with empowering lyrics sung in pidgin.

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