Billie Eilish Gains Millions of Close Friends Followers

Billie Eilish’s Genius Instagram Move Sparks Massive Social Media Growth

In a groundbreaking move on Instagram, pop star Billie Eilish has potentially redefined social media growth tactics by leveraging one simple strategy.

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CrowdTangle reports a staggering 7 million new followers in just a two-day period for the 22-year-old sensation. This surge follows Eilish’s strategic addition of all her 100-million-plus followers to her “Close Friends” Story. Through this channel, she has been teasing cryptic hints about her much-anticipated third studio album.

Between Wednesday (April 3) and Thursday (April 4), 3.17 million users hit the “Follow” button to gain access to Eilish’s exclusive Story content. Subsequently, another 3.9 million users joined in between Thursday and Friday (April 5). This impressive growth amounted to a 6.4% surge in Eilish’s Instagram following.

Artistic Teasers and Cryptic Clues for Fans

Billie Eilish’s Close Friends posts feature enigmatic fragments of artwork predominantly swathed in blue tones. The imagery aligns with billboards in New York and Los Angeles displaying what many presume to be lyrics from Eilish’s upcoming album.

Among these teasers, one stands out with bold blue lettering stating, “She’s the headlights, I’m the deer.” Other snippets include phrases like, “I try to live in black and white,” and “Did I cross the line?” These cryptic messages have fueled speculation and excitement among Eilish’s devoted fanbase.

Anticipation Builds for Billie Eilish’s Third Studio Album

Notably, Billie Eilish last released an album in 2021 with “Happier Than Ever,” following her acclaimed 2019 debut, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” Both albums secured the top spot on the Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks.

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As Eilish gears up for her new musical era, she recently discussed her sustainability initiatives in an interview with Billboard. However, a statement she made regarding the proliferation of vinyl variants in the music industry led to some online misinterpretation. Eilish promptly clarified on Instagram Stories that her remarks were not targeting any specific artists but rather addressing systemic issues prevalent across the industry concerning the production of multiple vinyl editions.


With her innovative Instagram strategy, Billie Eilish has not only captured the attention of millions but also sparked anticipation for her upcoming music release. As fans eagerly await further revelations, Eilish continues to engage and intrigue with her enigmatic teasers and artistic flair.

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