Bollywood Music Review: All India Rank

Review of All India Rank’s Soundtrack with Complete Credits

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As an avid music enthusiast and film buff, I always appreciate it when filmmakers and composers take the time to provide complete and properly annotated credits for the songs in their movies. It shows a level of care and attention to detail that is often lacking in the industry. So, when I was compiling my annual roundup for 2023 and came across All India Rank, a movie listed in wiki without any associated songs directed by Varun Grover, I was a bit disappointed. However, my spirits were lifted when I recently discovered the release of the first single from the movie, followed by a full soundtrack. This led me to delve into a review of the music featured in the film.

All India Rank, which was released in cinemas recently, has been praised by many for its ability to evoke a sense of 90s nostalgia, a sentiment that is reflected in the movie’s songs as well. One standout track from the soundtrack is “Noodle Sa Dil,” which pays homage to the iconic Biddu-Alisha Chinai track “Made In India.” The song, accompanied by a charming animation video filled with 90s references, showcases Aditi Paul’s versatile vocals that are perfectly suited for the era. The debutant composers, Mayukh-Mainak, draw inspiration from the disco era, reminiscent of Biddu’s hits like Nazia Hassan’s “Boom Boom.” Despite its retro vibes, “Noodle Sa Dil” is a delightful tribute that captures the essence of the era and fits seamlessly into the movie’s hostel setting.

Another highlight of the soundtrack is “Sab Achhi Baatein Hai,” a track that sees lyricist Varun Grover at the top of his game as he cleverly critiques the idealism portrayed in textbooks. The collaboration between singers Araham Khan and Bodhisattva Sharma adds an informal charm to the song, complemented by the country-infused musical arrangements and the enchanting flute melodies by Paras Nath.

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The rap track “Choice Hi Nahi” by Sumit Roy delivers hard-hitting and relatable lyrics, although it may not stand out musically as much as the other tracks on the album. On the other hand, “Theher Zara,” featuring the soulful vocals of Vishal Bhardwaj, exudes a sense of tranquility and introspection, enhanced by the serene composition and the enchanting saxophone and clarinet solos by ID Rao.

One of my personal favorites from the album is “Haq Hai,” which cleverly uses engineering entrance fundas to craft amusing metaphors. Shahid Mallya’s distinct vocals, coupled with the folk-inspired tune and the intricate plucked string arrangements by Tapas Roy and Rickraj Nath, make this track a standout on the soundtrack.

Surprisingly, the album also includes a guest composition, “Not a Dream” by Chitrangada Satarupa, which fits thematically with the movie despite being originally released in 2021. The pensive melody and heartfelt lyrics delivered by the singer-songwriter add a poignant touch to the album.

Overall, All India Rank’s soundtrack marks a commendable debut for Mayukh-Mainak, with Varun Grover’s evocative lyrics adding depth and authenticity to the music. While not every track may resonate equally, the album stays true to the movie’s thematic essence throughout. My top recommendations from the soundtrack would be “Haq Hai,” “Theher Zara,” and “Noodle Sa Dil.”

Soundtrack Credits:
– All songs composed and arranged by: Mayukh-Mainak
– All songs mixed and mastered by: Rupjit Das
– Audio recording engineers: Rupjit Das, Mrinal Kanti Das
– Lyrics by: Varun Grover
– Recording Studio: Playhead, Mumbai

Songs and Singers:
– Sab Achhi Baatein Hai: Araham Khan, Bodhisattva Sharma
– Choice Hi Nahi Hai: Sumit Roy
– Noodle Sa Dil: Aditi Paul
– Theher Zara: Vishal Bhardwaj
– Haq Hai: Shahid Mallya
– Not a Dream: Chitrangada Satarupa

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In conclusion, All India Rank’s soundtrack is a captivating blend of nostalgia, introspection, and humor, making it a memorable musical experience for fans of Indian cinema. Music Aloud Rating: 3.5/5

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