Donna Summer’s Widower Criticizes Kanye over Sample: ‘Wrong Is Still Wrong’

Bruce Sudano: A New Chapter in Music

Renowned singer, songwriter, and Donna Summer widower, Bruce Sudano, is riding high on the success of his latest solo album, “Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin’ Pretty Lies.” In a recent interview with Billboard, Sudano expressed his joy at the overwhelming positive reception the album has received, deeming it the best reaction to any of his solo works thus far.

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The Evolution of Sudano’s Musical Journey

Reflecting on his artistic evolution, Sudano shared that working with producer Ken Lewis played a pivotal role in shaping this album. Starting from a place of personal loss after Donna Summer’s passing in 2012, Sudano embarked on a stripped-down acoustic journey that gradually evolved into a more contemporary production. This shift in approach, where songs were initially crafted for solo performances before being produced, has resonated deeply with audiences.

Diving into the Rich Tapestry of Lyrics

Sudano’s album, “Talkin’ Ugly Truth,” showcases a departure from themes of loss and grieving, offering a broader perspective on life and its complexities. Songs like “Two Bleeding Hearts,” a collaboration with Valerie Simpson, delve into the emotional landscape of individuals navigating different phases of life, resonating with listeners of all ages.

A Tribute to Donna Summer

With a rich musical legacy that extends beyond Summer to artists like Jermaine Jackson and Dolly Parton, Sudano pays homage to his late wife with the cover art of his album. Featuring a snapshot of a painting by Summer, the album art captures the essence of “Talkin’ Ugly Truth” and serves as a poignant tribute to her enduring spirit.

Challenges in the Music Industry

Amidst the album’s success, Sudano faces challenges in the wider music landscape, particularly regarding Kanye West’s attempt to sample Donna Summer’s iconic track, “I Feel Love.” Sudano’s firm stance against unauthorized sampling showcases his dedication to protecting his late wife’s catalog, emphasizing the importance of respecting artistic integrity in the industry.

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Looking Towards the Future

As Sudano navigates these musical waters, he remains focused on future endeavors, including a limited biopic series and a lineup of live performances in the U.S. His dedication to his craft, coupled with a vigilant stance on artistic integrity, marks Sudano as a formidable presence in the music industry, poised to continue captivating audiences with his heartfelt melodies.

For more updates on Bruce Sudano’s musical journey, stay tuned to Billboard.

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