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Nikki Glaser Talks About Her Love for Taylor Swift and Her Unconventional Summer Plans

Comedian Nikki Glaser is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and she proved her dedication to the pop superstar by spending a whopping $25,000 on tickets to Swift’s recent Eras tour. Glaser appeared on The Kelly Clarkson show as a guest and shared the story behind her extravagant spending.

Glaser explained that attending Swift’s tour shows brings her immense joy, so she made a conscious decision to attend nine shows this year. As a late 30s woman without children, Glaser jokingly compared the cost of attending the tour to paying for dance camp and swim lessons for kids. She saw it as an opportunity to fill her life with joy.

The conversation between Glaser and Clarkson took a humorous turn when they discussed the expenses of having kids. Glaser agreed with Clarkson’s statement that kids are expensive. In a playful tone, Glaser revealed that she had planned to freeze her eggs in January, but decided to forego the procedure and use the money for a fun-filled summer instead, referring to it as going “buck wild.”

Unconventional Summer Plans Lead to an Unforgettable Experience

By opting out of freezing her eggs, Glaser decided to make the most of her summer and enjoy herself to the fullest. While her original plan was to have a medical procedure, she saw this as an opportunity to create lasting memories without any regrets.

She described how she took the money she would have spent on the procedure and used it for an unforgettable summer. Glaser’s decision to let loose and have fun led to incredible experiences and joyful moments that she will cherish forever.

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Choosing Joy and Living Life to the Fullest

Glaser’s story serves as a reminder to prioritize our happiness, especially when faced with tough decisions. By choosing joy over a potentially life-changing medical procedure, she embraced the present moment and celebrated life to the fullest.

As Glaser mentioned during her interview, not having children provided her with the freedom to make such a decision. By recognizing her circumstances and embracing the opportunities presented to her, she created a summer full of joy and unforgettable experiences.

Embracing Unconventional Choices and Celebrating Life

Glaser’s decision to forego freezing her eggs and instead focus on enjoying her summer may not be conventional, but it showcases her willingness to embrace life’s unexpected turns. Often, it is these spontaneous decisions that lead to the most memorable moments and life-changing experiences.

Glaser’s story is a testament to the importance of choosing what brings us joy and not being confined by societal expectations. Whether it’s splurging on concert tickets or pursuing an unconventional path, prioritizing our happiness can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Watch the clip below for the full interview:


Nikki Glaser’s love for Taylor Swift and her unconventional summer plans demonstrate the power of embracing joy and celebrating life. By making choices that prioritize our happiness and allow us to create unforgettable moments, we can truly make the most of our lives.

Glaser’s decision to invest in experiences rather than postpone them by freezing her eggs serves as an inspiring example for those facing tough decisions. It reminds us to consider what truly brings us joy and to live life with a sense of adventure and spontaneity.

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Ultimately, Glaser’s story encourages us to question societal norms and make choices that align with our own values and desires. Life is too short to live with regrets, and by choosing joy and celebrating life, we can create our own extraordinary experiences.

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