Spotify CEO Urges UK Government: Maintain Strong Apple Regulation in Digital Markets Act

**Spotify Chief Daniel Ek Urges UK Government to Support Digital Markets, Competition And Consumers Bill**

Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, is continuing his global campaign to bring about a change in Apple’s App Store rules. In an article written for the Daily Mail, Ek urges the UK government not to water down its proposed Digital Markets, Competition And Consumers Bill. The bill aims to prevent tech giants from using their size and power to limit digital innovation and market access, thereby ensuring that the UK remains an attractive place for investment and business.

This proposed legislation is particularly welcome news for Spotify, as the company has long accused Google and Apple of imposing unfair restrictions on app-makers that rely on their mobile operating systems. However, Ek warns that some companies, including Apple, have criticized the Digital Markets Bill as being anti-innovation. These companies are aggressively fighting against the proposed legislation, with Apple reportedly lobbying the Prime Minister to either kill the bill or weaken it to the point of being ineffective.

One of the most problematic app store rules for Spotify and many other app-makers is related to in-app payments. These companies are obliged to use Google and Apple’s transaction platforms for in-app purchases, and often aren’t allowed to provide alternative payment options online. This means that Spotify is unable to sell premium subscriptions from within its app, and it also hinders their efforts to offer direct-to-fan and pay-walled content experiences within the Spotify platform. This has been particularly frustrating for Spotify since the launch of its pay-as-you-go audiobooks service.

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Contrary to claims that increased regulation of Apple would hinder innovation, Ek argues that it would actually benefit consumers and smaller tech businesses. He believes that stricter regulation would give consumers more choice, enable smaller tech businesses to compete with larger players, and establish the UK as a world-leading tech marketplace. Ek emphasizes the importance of fair competition, stating that when competition is fair, everyone wins – consumers, companies, and the country. He urges the government to pass a strong bill that gives consumers greater choice and control over their digital lives, and he calls on the UK to show leadership on this issue.

In an attempt to appeal to the patriotic sentiment of Brexiteers in government and Parliament, Ek highlights the unique advantages the UK possesses. He describes the country as having significant global influence combined with the independence necessary to be nimble. According to Ek, the UK is an epicenter for business and has produced some of the world’s greatest thinkers and pioneers.

Ek also addresses Apple’s efforts to prevent similar laws from being implemented in other countries. He states that Apple has spent millions lobbying against legislation like the proposed Digital Markets Bill. However, Ek believes that if Parliament passes a robust version of the bill, Apple will no longer be able to use its market power at the expense of UK innovators.

It is clear that Daniel Ek is passionate about leveling the playing field and ensuring fair competition in the tech industry. He argues that the proposed Digital Markets, Competition And Consumers Bill is crucial for empowering consumers and allowing smaller businesses to thrive. With the UK’s unique advantages and global influence, Ek believes that the country has the opportunity to become a world-leading tech marketplace. The ball is now in the UK government’s court to support this bill and seize this opportunity.

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