Madonna responds to lawsuit over late night, dismisses it as non-injury

Madonna Defends Against Lawsuit Over Late Start Time

Madonna and her promoter Live Nation have formally responded to a lawsuit filed by two concertgoers, Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden, who are seeking damages due to Madonna’s delayed start time at a concert. The court filing argues that no reasonable concertgoer would interpret an 8.30pm start time to mean an exact 8.30pm start, and that an unexpected late night does not violate any recognized legal rights.

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The lawsuit, filed in January, alleges false advertising, breach of contract, and related claims, stating that Madonna took the stage well past the advertised time at a show in New York last December. The lawsuit contends that the late finish resulted in fans facing challenges with transportation and early morning commitments.

Arguments from Madonna and Live Nation

Madonna and Live Nation dispute the allegations made in the lawsuit, pointing out that the concertgoers did not claim Madonna’s performance was subpar, seek a refund, or leave the concert early. They argue that an unexpected late night does not constitute a legitimate injury and emphasize that there is no evidence that the concertgoers encountered difficulties getting home or had early morning obligations.

The response also highlights that one of the concertgoers, Hadden, praised the show on social media without mentioning any transportation issues. Additionally, it is noted that Fellows lives near the venue, making it unlikely for him to have incurred increased transportation costs.

Understanding Concert Start Times

Madonna and Live Nation assert that concert attendees are aware that the start time advertised may not necessarily indicate when the headlining act will perform. They argue that a reasonable concertgoer understands that there may be opening acts before the main artist takes the stage, which can result in a later start time for the headline act.

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It is pointed out that the lawsuit references Madonna’s history of starting her shows late, further underscoring the expectation that her performance might begin after the scheduled time. Additionally, Live Nation previously attributed the late start at the Barclays Center concert to technical issues, and Madonna’s reputation for tardiness further reinforces the unpredictability of her start times.

Madonna and Live Nation are requesting the court to dismiss the lawsuit, emphasizing that the alleged inconveniences do not constitute valid legal claims and that the concertgoers should have been aware of the potential for delays based on Madonna’s past tendencies.

Conclusion: Dismissal of Lawsuit Sought

In conclusion, Madonna and Live Nation have responded to the lawsuit filed by two concertgoers over the delayed start time of a concert. The response challenges the validity of the claims made by the concertgoers, citing lack of evidence of actual harm and emphasizing the industry standard of delayed start times for concerts. The defendants are urging the court to dismiss the lawsuit based on these arguments.

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