Music Publishers vs. Spotify: The Setlist Podcast

## Spotify’s Audiobooks Bundle Dispute Goes Legal

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In a recent development, the dispute between the US music industry and Spotify over the streaming service’s reclassification of its main premium subscription product has escalated into a legal battle. Spotify’s decision to include audiobooks in its subscription bundle has raised concerns among music publishers and songwriters as it allows the platform to reduce royalty payments to content creators.

Music publishers in the US have taken a stand against Spotify’s approach, sending a letter accusing the streaming service of gaps in its licensing agreements related to lyrics, videos, and podcasts. Spotify, on the other hand, has dismissed these allegations as a “meaningless stunt” amid the ongoing controversy surrounding audiobooks.

The situation has led to what music publishers describe as a “critical battle” over Spotify royalties. With the streaming service pushing to reclassify its subscription package as a bundle of music, podcasts, and audiobooks, tensions have risen as publishers gear up to defend the rights of songwriters and ensure fair compensation for their work.

## Rivals Critique BBC’s Podcast Adverts Plan

In a separate development, the BBC’s proposal to introduce advertising alongside its podcasts on platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts has sparked backlash from commercial media companies. The plan, currently under regulatory review, has garnered criticism from 20 media companies who argue against the move, citing concerns about its potential impact on the podcasting landscape.

In other news:

### Ticket Act Passed by US House Of Representatives

The TICKET Act, aimed at mandating all-in pricing and prohibiting speculative selling in the US ticketing market, has been passed by the House Of Representatives. This legislative move is seen as a significant step towards restoring trust in the ticketing ecosystem by organizations like Fix The Tix Coalition.

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### Universal CEO Lucian Grainge Cleared in Diddy Lawsuit

Universal Music and its CEO Lucian Grainge have been exonerated in a sexual harassment and assault lawsuit filed by producer Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Following a review, it was determined that there was no legal basis for the claims made against the label.

### TikTok Creators Challenge US Government Over App Ban

Eight TikTok creators have filed a lawsuit against the US government in response to the ban on the video-sharing app. They argue that banning TikTok infringes on their First Amendment rights to free speech and restricts their ability to express themselves through the platform.

### Utopia Music Restructures, Entering New Era

Utopia Music AG has undergone significant restructuring, leading to layoffs in various countries. The company has rebranded as Proper Group AG, signaling a new phase in its operations and strategic direction.

### ATC Invests in Raw Power Management

ATC Management has made a majority investment in Raw Power Management, a company representing artists like Bring Me The Horizon and Bullet For My Valentine. The CEO, Craig Jennings, views this investment as a significant opportunity to elevate their artists to new heights.

In addition:

**Sony Issues Warning to AI Companies Regarding Music Usage**

Sony Music has sent letters to over 700 AI companies, emphasizing the need to obtain permission before using the label’s recordings or songs to train their AI models. This initiative aims to protect Sony Music’s intellectual property rights and ensure proper licensing procedures in the AI sector.

These recent developments reflect the ongoing dynamics within the music industry, highlighting the importance of fair compensation, legal compliance, and strategic partnerships in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital content distribution.

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