Urgent Call for New AI Laws in UK and US

Calls for Urgent New AI Laws in UK and US

This week’s episode of the Setlist Podcast delved into the pressing need for new AI laws to safeguard the interests of creators. The discussion highlighted the growing consensus on both sides of the Atlantic for legislative action to protect the rights of artists and address the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

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AI Laws: A Pro-Creative Industries AI Bill

The All-Party Parliamentary Group On Music recently released a report advocating for the creation of a “pro-creative industries AI bill” in the UK. This proposed legislation aims to establish clearer copyright obligations for AI companies and introduce a new personality right for artists. The recommendations underscore the importance of ensuring that creators are adequately protected in the digital age.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Urgent Need for US-Wide Regulation on Deepfakes

In the US, there is a growing call for a comprehensive law to regulate deepfakes and prevent unauthorized use of AI to replicate individuals’ voices and likeness. Notable figures like FKA Twigs and Warner Music boss Robert Kyncl have raised the alarm on the potential risks posed by deepfake technology, urging lawmakers to take swift action to protect against its misuse.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Reconciliation Between Universal Music and TikTok

After a three-month standoff, Universal Music and TikTok have resolved their differences and reached a new licensing agreement. This development not only ensures the continued availability of Universal’s music on the platform but also signals a mutual commitment to valuing music and addressing concerns about TikTok’s AI initiatives. Universal’s CEO, Lucian Grainge, emphasized the deal’s focus on protecting the integrity and value of human artistry.

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Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

News in Brief

Potential TikTok Ban in the EU and US

The prospect of a TikTok ban looms in both the EU and the US, as regulatory challenges emerge regarding the platform’s operations. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr believes that attempts to block TikTok in the US may face legal obstacles, while European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen acknowledges the possibility of a future ban in the EU.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Corporate Battle at HYBE Subsidiary Ador

A corporate dispute has unfolded at HYBE subsidiary Ador, with the label’s CEO resisting pressure to convene a board meeting amid allegations of intellectual property infringement. The ongoing conflict within the HYBE group underscores the complexity of managing corporate relationships and protecting the interests of all stakeholders involved.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Legal Development in R Kelly Case

R Kelly’s attempt to overturn a conviction for sexual abuse in Chicago was unsuccessful, as an appeals court rejected arguments challenging the judgment. The decision reaffirms the legal consequences faced by individuals accused of misconduct, underscoring the importance of upholding justice and accountability.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Astroworld Trial and Livestream Request

As preparations for the first Astroworld trial intensify, victims’ representatives have requested that the proceedings be livestreamed for transparency. The push for greater access to information and legal proceedings reflects a broader demand for accountability and justice in the wake of the tragic events at the music festival.

Source: CMU – Chris Cooke

Taylor Swift and Record Store Day Boost UK Vinyl Sales

A surge in vinyl sales in the UK has been attributed to the combined influence of Taylor Swift and Record Store Day, highlighting the enduring appeal of physical music formats alongside streaming services. The spike in sales signals a positive trend for the music industry, demonstrating the continued relevance of traditional formats in a digital age.

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Source: CMU – Andy Malt

Co-op Group’s Naming Rights Deal at Risk

The ongoing safety incidents and show cancellations at Co-op Live have raised concerns about the reputation of Co-op Group, the venue’s naming partner. As scrutiny mounts on the handling of events at the venue, questions arise about the compatibility of these incidents with the ethos of a member-owned society and its responsibility to maintain a positive reputation.

Source: CMU – Sam Taylor

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