Music Publishers Accuse Anthropic and Claude of Defective Fair User Defence

AI Company Anthropic Faces Legal Battle Over Use of Copyrighted Lyrics

An AI company, Anthropic, is under fire from three major music publishers, Universal, Concord, and ABKCO, over its use of copyrighted lyrics in its AI models. The music publishers argue that Anthropic’s actions stand in contrast to the fair use rights outlined in the US Copyright Act. They claim that Anthropic’s use of their lyrics does not stimulate creativity but rather creates uncopyrightable synthetic imitations, undermining the purpose of fair use.

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Disagreement Over Fair Use

Anthropic asserts that training its AI models with existing content constitutes fair use under US law, granting it the right to use copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright owners. However, the music industry strongly opposes this viewpoint, leading to a legal battle between the parties.

The Publishers’ Call for Action

The music publishers have requested a preliminary injunction, urging the court to compel Anthropic to cease using their lyrics in AI model training. They also seek to prevent Anthropic’s chatbot, Claude, from regurgitating their copyrighted lyrics.

Anthropic’s Defense

Anthropic contends that the output of copyrighted lyrics by Claude is a result of a bug and not intentional. However, the publishers dispute this claim, asserting that Anthropic’s own training data reveals an expectation for their AI models to respond to requests for their copyrighted lyrics.

The Battle Over Guardrails

Anthropic argues that it has implemented measures to address the bug causing Claude to output copyrighted lyrics. However, the music companies disagree, expressing concerns about the effectiveness of these measures and the potential for Anthropic to abandon them as a litigation strategy.

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The Publishers’ Position

The music publishers are standing firm in their request for a preliminary injunction, emphasizing the need to prevent any further use of their copyrighted lyrics by Anthropic’s AI models, including Claude.

In conclusion, the legal battle between Anthropic and the three music publishers continues as they await a decision from the court regarding the preliminary injunction. The outcome of this case will have significant implications for the use of copyrighted content in AI technology and the boundaries of fair use under US copyright law.

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