Utopia Music Welcomes Alain Couttolenc as New CEO

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Utopia Music Appoints Alain Couttolenc as CEO

Swiss-based music technology company, Utopia Music, has announced the appointment of Alain Couttolenc as its new CEO. With a strong track record of maximizing growth across international media and data companies, Couttolenc brings extensive experience to the role, according to a press release from Utopia Music.

A Visionary Leader with a Proven Track Record

Prior to joining Utopia Music, Couttolenc served as the Chief Development Officer at IPSOS, one of the largest data companies worldwide. His leadership as CEO of Nielsen Media Europe further highlights his ability to drive growth across various sectors of the industry.

Utopia Music has recently faced a series of controversies, including the unexpected liquidation of several subsidiaries and concerns about the company’s future. CMU reports that Utopia is dependent on funds being released from escrow to settle its liabilities.

Promoting Transparency and Agility

Mattias Hjelmstedt, one of Utopia Music’s co-founders, temporarily took on the role of CEO in February 2023. Now, with Couttolenc assuming the position, Hjelmstedt will resume his former role as Chairman of the Board.

Couttolenc expressed his enthusiasm for joining Utopia Music, stating, “I’m honored to be part of such a dynamic company that supports the growth of my greatest passion – music. My main focus will be on leveraging data to create exceptional services and drive growth.”

In light of the recent challenges faced by the company, Couttolenc emphasized the importance of developing teams built on clarity, agility, and an open and honest culture, stating, “an important task will be to develop and build teams where people can deliver value and thrive in their roles.”

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Commenting on Couttolenc’s appointment, Hjelmstedt spoke highly of his extensive global business experience, deep understanding of data implementation, and background in media and music. Hjelmstedt further highlighted Couttolenc’s wide international network.

“The board and I are confident that Alain is the right person to help us achieve our mission of growing the music industry through innovative data solutions and unmatched distribution capabilities. This is how we will reach profitability and achieve long-term sustainable growth,” stated Hjelmstedt.

Revitalizing Utopia’s Financial Position

Recently, CMU confirmed that Utopia Music requires more than €3 million per month to sustain its current operations. As part of a funding round, the new CEO will face significant challenges in rebuilding stakeholders’ confidence and steering the company towards profitability and growth.


Alain Couttolenc’s appointment as CEO of Utopia Music brings a wealth of experience and a strategic vision to the table. With a strong background in media and music and a proven track record in driving growth, Couttolenc is well-positioned to navigate the challenges faced by the company. By leveraging data and fostering an open and transparent culture, Utopia Music aims to grow the music industry sustainably and solidify its position as a leader in the field.

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