Thallumaala: Malayalam Soundtrack – Music Review

In the world of Malayalam cinema, the latest release, Thallumaala, has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts with its unique blend of wordplay and catchy melodies. Penned by writer Muhsin Parari, the songs in this album showcase his love for puns and clever analogies. Composer Vishnu Vijay takes the music to another level with his innovative arrangements and incorporation of traditional tunes. From the title song, “Thallumaala Paattu,” to the groovy tribute “Manavaalan Thug,” this soundtrack is a treat for music lovers.

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Thallumaala Paattu: A Stunning Ode to the Protagonists

The album kicks off with the title track, “Thallumaala Paattu,” a playful twist on the traditional “Maala Paattu.” The song pays tribute to the movie’s five male protagonists with its heady composition. Vishnu Vijay brilliantly uses Subani’s ethnic strings, accompanied by a grand trumpet refrain by Babu. The singers bring life to the lyrics, and the lyric video on YouTube is a must-watch. However, the actual video sequence of this song steals the show with its perfect synchronization with the visuals.

Kannil Pettole: A Fusion of Cultures

“Kannil Pettole” may not have a memorable melody, but it compensates with its unique fusion of Arabic-infused arrangements and Irfana Habib’s captivating rap. The interlude by Subani on the oud/saz adds a banger element to the song. The music video, shot across Kerala and UAE, has a Western pop vibe that adds to its allure.

Tupathu: A Quirky Rap Song

Featuring Tovino Thomas and Shaktisree Gopalan, “Tupathu” is a quirky rap song with clever analogies about lovers’ spats. Vishnu Vijay’s flute reworks the brilliant oud/saz interlude from “Kannil Pettole” in the second interlude of this track. Although Tovino Thomas may not have been the ideal choice for the male voice, his counterpart, Shaktisree Gopalan, sounds fabulous. The rap song is effective in capturing the essence of the movie.

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Ndaakkippaattu: A Folksy Delight

With its folk beats and drunken revelry, “Ndaakkippaattu” brings to mind Tamil songs of a similar mood, like “Tasakku Tasakku.” Muhsin Parari’s play on words shines through in this song, with clever references to Malayalam pop culture and even a nod to the movie “Fight Club.” The largely conversational nature of the song is enhanced by the actors lending their voices, creating an immersive experience. The combination of horns and percussion in the closing segment adds a touch of brilliance.

Ole Melody: Complexity in Simplicity

While the flippant tone of “Ole Melody” may underplay the complexity of its melody and tongue-twisty lines, Benny Dayal and Haricharan handle it spectacularly. Vishnu Vijay’s brilliant composition seamlessly transitions between reggae and qawwali modes, with funny quips by actor Salim Kumar for added garnish. The bass line and the understated use of Kishore Kumar’s sitar make this track stand out.

Manavaalan Thug: A Groovy Tribute

One of the highlights of the album is the guest composition by Dabzee and SA, titled “Manavaalan Thug.” Similar to “Thallumaala Paattu,” this track picks up a traditional tune to create an incredibly groovy tribute to Tovino’s character. The accompanying video adds to the allure of the song, creating a swanky vibe.

BGM Pieces: Intense and Quirky

Aside from the vocal tracks, the album features two instrumental pieces. “Grudge Song” is an intense composition that features a woodwind cover of the “Thallumaala Paattu” melody. “Thoottikkanoda Patha,” on the other hand, sacrifices musicality for the quirkiness aspect, working well within the context of the movie but lacking the appeal as a standalone track.

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Thallumaala’s soundtrack marks a departure from Vishnu Vijay’s previous works in Malayalam cinema. With the support of Muhsin Parari’s clever wordplay and the outstanding guest composition by Dabzee and SA, Vishnu Vijay has ventured into new territory and delivered a phenomenal result. The album offers a diverse range of songs, from energetic tracks like “Thallumaala Paattu” to soulful melodies like “Ole Melody.” Rediscover the joy of cinema and immerse yourself in the music of Thallumaala, a true musical experience.

Soundtrack Credits

– Thallumaala Paattu
– Singers: Hrithik Jayakish, Neha Girish, Eshaan Sanil, Thejas Krishna, Vishnu Vijay
– Lyrics: Mu.Ri
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

– Kannil Pettole
– Singers: Vishnu Vijay, Irfana Hameed
– Lyrics (Arabic & Malayalam): Mu.Ri
– Rap Lyrics: Irfana Hameed
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

– Tupathu
– Singers: Tovino Thomas, Vishnu Vijay, Shakthisree Gopalan
– Lyrics: Mu.Ri
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

– Ndaakkippaattu
– Vocals: Vishnu Vijay, Muhsin Parari, Shenbagaraj, Santhosh Hariharan, Sreeraj, Swathi Das, Austin Dan, Lukman Avaran, Adri Joe, Gokulan, Binu Pappu
– Lyrics: Mu.Ri
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

– Ole Melody
– Vocals: Haricharan Seshadri, Benny Dayal, Salim Kumar, Vishnu Vijay
– Lyrics: Mu.Ri
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

– Manavaalan Thug
– Music Composed & Arranged by: DABZEE
– Written & Performed by: DABZEE & SA
– Music Produced by: MHR

– Grudge Song
– Music Composed and Arranged by: Vishnu Vijay

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– Thoottikkanoda Patha
– Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Vishnu Vijay

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