Ariana Grande Reacts to Chappell Roan’s Lady Liberty Costume in ‘Wicked’

Ariana Grande Joins the Pink Pony Club: A Memorable Gov Ball Moment

Ariana Grande, the renowned 26-year-old musician, has officially become a member of the Pink Pony Club. This exciting news emerged after Chappell Roan, a talented artist, graced the stage at New York City’s 2024 Gov Ball donned in a striking full Statue of Liberty ensemble painted in green. Roan’s performance sparked a wave of creativity on the internet, generating numerous memes, some of which cleverly referenced the highly anticipated Wicked films. The star of the Wicked franchise, Cynthia Erivo, seized this moment to express her admiration for Roan.

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A Heartwarming Gesture from Ariana Grande

On Monday, following the spectacular festival set of the “Good Luck, Babe!” artist, Grande took to her Instagram Story to share a meme. This meme playfully substituted Cynthia Erivo’s Elphaba character with an image of Roan, who flawlessly embodied the green-hued Wicked Witch on stage. The scenario depicted a scene from the Wicked trailer where the character Glinda, played by Roan, confronts the emerald-skinned Elphaba. Grande’s caption on the meme, “I really ♡ @chappellroan,” showcased her genuine appreciation for Roan’s artistry.

Roan’s Captivating Gov Ball Performance

The enthusiasm for Roan at the Gov Ball extended beyond Grande’s admiration. The unveiling of Roan’s imaginative Lady Liberty persona, along with the premiere of her unreleased track “Subway,” captivated audiences and caused a stir online. Moreover, Roan revealed her conscious decision to decline an invitation from the White House to perform for Pride this year, emphasizing her commitment to advocating for liberty, freedom, and justice for all during her set. She concluded with a powerful dedication of her song “My Kink Is Karma” to the Biden Administration, emphasizing the importance of collective progress.

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Exciting Creative Ventures from Ariana Grande

While the release of Wicked films is still on the horizon, Grande delighted fans by dropping the music video for “The Boy Is Mine” on June 7. Subsequently, she shared a video showcasing her makeup routine for the visual, utilizing products from her R.E.M. Beauty line. Within the video, Grande also elaborated on the characters she’s developed within her Eternal Sunshine universe, highlighting the complexity and depth of her creative narrative.

In the music video for “Boy Is Mine,” Grande reprised her character Peaches, inspired by Kate Winslet’s Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This time, Peaches transformed into a seductive, Catwoman-esque figure, aiming to captivate Penn Badgley’s character in the video. Grande’s humorous commentary added an engaging layer to the transformation process, injecting lightheartedness into the creative endeavor.

For a glimpse into Grande’s artistry and transformation, watch the captivating video below.

Overall, Ariana Grande and Chappell Roan’s recent endeavors at Gov Ball and beyond have ignited a wave of creativity and inspiration, showcasing the power of artistic expression and collaboration in the music industry.

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