Madonna calls out fans for “harassment”

Madonna and Live Nation Accuse Fans’ Lawyers of Harassment Campaign

Madonna and Live Nation have accused lawyers representing two fans who sued over the musician’s late appearances at concerts of instigating a “harassment campaign”. This accusation followed a dispute over whether a settlement had been reached in the fans’ lawsuit. While the fans’ attorneys claimed it had been settled, representatives for Madonna and Live Nation were adamant that it had not been resolved.

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According to Madonna and Live Nation’s attorney, Jeff Warshafsky, they are open to settlement under certain terms but disputed a court filing last week that alleged a settlement had been agreed upon. Warshafsky emphasized that they will not be coerced into settling and cannot tolerate false statements presented to the court. He further alleged that these false statements are part of a broader harassment campaign aimed at extorting a substantial settlement from Madonna and her business partners, intending to burden his clients with unnecessary legal fees.

Lawsuits Filed Over Madonna’s Time-Keeping Issues

The legal dispute originated from Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden suing Madonna in January concerning concerts held in New York in December. The fans claimed that the concert, scheduled to start at 8:30 pm, did not commence until after 10:30 pm, causing the event to conclude after midnight. This late timing allegedly led to limited transportation options, increased costs, and inconvenience for Fellows and Hadden.

This lawsuit is not an isolated incident, as similar legal actions were taken against Madonna earlier this year. In April, three fans from a Washington DC show in December filed a lawsuit, followed by another lawsuit in Inglewood, California, last month. The latter lawsuit also criticized Madonna’s performance, including the presence of sexualized content, which surprised some litigious fans.

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Legal Disputes Over Late Start Times

The lawsuits against Madonna and Live Nation allege breach of contract, false advertising, and negligent misrepresentation due to the delayed start times. However, lawyers for the artist and Live Nation strongly contested these claims, arguing that it is common for pop concerts to have the headliner perform later than the advertised start time, especially after opening acts and set transitions.

Responding to the Fellows and Hadden lawsuit, Madonna and Live Nation highlighted that any fan familiar with Madonna’s concerts would expect her to take the stage after the ticketed event time and perform late into the night, as per standard practice.

Confusion Over Alleged Settlement

The misunderstanding regarding a settlement arose when lawyers for Fellows and Hadden believed an agreement had been reached with Madonna and Live Nation. Warshafsky clarified that while a possible settlement was discussed in May, his clients decided not to propose a settlement in writing at that time. Despite this, on June 6th, the fans’ lawyers submitted a settlement agreement to the court without authorization, leading to confusion and rejection by the overseeing judge.

As a result of this misunderstanding, Fellows and Hadden have until July 1st to address Madonna and Live Nation’s objections to their lawsuit, resolving the confusion surrounding the alleged settlement agreement.

In conclusion, the legal disputes revolving around Madonna’s time-keeping issues highlight the complexities of concert performances and fan expectations. The ongoing disagreements underscore the importance of clarity and communication in settling such matters to ensure fair outcomes for all involved parties.

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