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The MMF’s Accelerator Programme for Music Managers is a unique funding and professional development opportunity tailored specifically for artist, songwriter, DJ, and producer managers. In partnership with YouTube Music, this programme provides financial support of up to £12,000 over twelve months, as well as expert-led training. Since its inception, Accelerator has assisted over 115 individuals in the UK, including managers of various well-known artists.

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The sixth round of the MMF Accelerator programme is now open for submissions until February 26. To be eligible, applicants must be based in the UK and managing at least one artist, songwriter, DJ, or producer. This programme aims to empower ‘next-generation music managers’ to excel in artist management and expand their impact globally.

Participants in the programme, such as Leon Wright from Parade, Frances Barber Shillito from FRNT MGMT, and Sadé Lawson from Cozy Global, have found the training and mentoring opportunities invaluable in honing their skills and building sustainable artist management businesses. The programme not only provides financial assistance but also fosters a strong sense of community among managers with different backgrounds and rosters.

The diverse group of individuals participating in Accelerator offers a unique perspective on the industry and allows for collaboration and learning from one another. The programme provides a safe space for managers to discuss challenges and receive valuable advice from industry experts. Ultimately, the Accelerator programme serves as a catalyst for growth and success in the dynamic field of artist management.

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