Travis Kelce’s Couple Halloween Costume Idea: Taylor Swift-inspired!

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Halloween is right around the corner, and it seems like everyone is buzzing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship. The couple has been dominating social media in recent weeks, and it’s no surprise that they are expected to be a popular choice for couples costumes this year. Lucky for us, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end himself has offered some insight on how to dress up as him for the spooky season.

Travis Kelce’s Iconic Look

In a recent press conference on October 20th, a reporter asked Kelce about the upcoming popular Halloween costume trend of dressing up as him and Taylor Swift. The football player’s response was quite interesting. “The mustache is slowly starting to disappear, but I’ll tell you what, man — that ‘stache and the 87 jersey was pretty iconic there for a little bit,” Kelce revealed. “I had it when I met Taylor for the first time.”

So, if you want to nail the Travis Kelce look, all you really need is a fake mustache and his famous 87 jersey. It’s a simple yet recognizable costume that will surely impress your friends at any Halloween party.

A Dash of Accessories

When it comes to really perfecting the Travis Kelce costume, accessories are not essential. However, Kelce did mention a possible addition to the look. “I guess just my ‘stache and yeah…maybe a [friendship] bracelet or something, I don’t know,” he suggested.

So, feel free to add a friendship bracelet to complete your Travis Kelce ensemble, but remember that the focus should be on the mustache and jersey. These are the key elements that will make your costume instantly recognizable.

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Taylor and Travis Couple Costumes

With Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship making waves, it’s no surprise that people are excited to dress up as this power couple for Halloween. According to a report by WWD on October 9th, searches for “Travis Kelce costume” and “Taylor Swift costume” have skyrocketed by 761 percent and 464 percent respectively. The interest in these costumes peaked after Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears on September 24th.

So, get ready to see a lot of Taylor and Travises out on Halloweekend. If you’re a fan of this celebrity duo, why not embrace the Halloween spirit and join in on the fun?

Difficulties in Finding a Kelce Jersey

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to dress up as Travis Kelce is that finding his jersey might be a challenge. Sales of his jersey have surged by 400% since Taylor Swift started attending his games. This surge in demand has made it quite difficult to find an authentic Kelce jersey. However, don’t let that discourage you from putting together an awesome costume. There are always alternatives and creative ways to embody your favorite celebrities without breaking the bank.

For more couples costume ideas or alternative options, you can explore various online platforms that cater to Halloween enthusiasts. These websites offer a wide range of inspiration and ideas to ensure that you and your partner can find the perfect Halloween look that suits your style and budget.


As Halloween approaches, the excitement around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship continues to grow. Their popularity on social media has sparked a trend in Halloween costumes, with many people opting to dress up as this iconic couple. Travis Kelce himself has given fans a glimpse into his ideal costume, suggesting that a fake mustache and his legendary 87 jersey are the essential elements to recreate his look. So, grab your partner, embrace the Halloween spirit, and have a spooktacular time channeling your inner Taylor and Travis!

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