Top Songs of 2022: Music Aloud Playback

The music world is a dynamic realm, constantly evolving and offering a rich tapestry of melodies and rhythms. Music Aloud’s annual roundup, now in its 14th edition, is here to celebrate the diverse and captivating sounds that graced the year. This year’s roundup comes with a few changes based on valuable feedback from previous editions, making it an even more exciting and comprehensive musical journey.

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A New Approach: Separation of Languages

In a bid to provide a more focused and dedicated musical experience, Music Aloud’s annual roundup #14 introduces a significant change. Instead of combining Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi films into a single category labeled “Other Language Films,” there are now separate lists for each of these languages. This move aims to give each language its well-deserved spotlight and recognition.

What’s New and What’s Not

However, this alteration also comes with a trade-off. The decision to create distinct language categories meant that there wasn’t enough time to include web series and instrumental/BGM (Background Music) lists in this edition. Nevertheless, the core format remains consistent, ensuring that you get the musical information you love.

The Format: What to Expect

As always, the roundup lists songs by movie release year, making it easy to navigate through the musical offerings of each period. Each song entry includes essential details such as the song title, movie title, music director(s), lyricist(s), and singer(s). The artistic touch is once again provided by the talented @cookydoh. And for your listening pleasure, the playlists have been thoughtfully consolidated into one 186-song playlist available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Bollywood: A Year of Retro Revival

The Bollywood music scene in the past year had its share of changes and trends. While there weren’t as many exciting soundtracks as one might hope for, there was a noticeable decrease in the number of remixes. Instead, a wave of nostalgia swept through the industry, leading to a growing appreciation for the retro sound.

This retro revival was vividly demonstrated in albums like Amit Trivedi’s “Qala” and Achint’s “Monica O My Darling.” Amit Trivedi, in particular, had a remarkably busy year, contributing his musical brilliance to 10 Hindi soundtracks. “Qala” emerged as a standout creation in his repertoire. Pritam, another stalwart in the industry, displayed incredible diversity across the four movies he worked on. Veteran composers like Shantanu Moitra also left their mark with noteworthy albums. Among the newer generation of composers, Parag Chhabra, OAFF, and Nilotpal Bora stood out with their first full Bollywood soundtracks.

Malayalam Music: Folk Influence and Melodic Resonance

The Malayalam music scene witnessed its own set of musical transformations. Vishnu Vijay’s “Thallumaala” emerged as the favorite soundtrack of the year, notable for its seamless integration with the visuals, creating a captivating cinematic experience. One notable trend was the rise of folk influence in Malayalam music, with “Thallumaala” and other releases embracing this traditional yet vibrant musical heritage.

Hesham Abdul Wahab’s “Hridayam” brought back nostalgic elements while maestro A R Rahman made a triumphant comeback after three decades with “Malayankunju.” The year also saw the likes of Justin Varghese, Prashant Pillai, Jakes Bejoy, Govind Vasantha, Gopi Sunder, and Ranjin Raj contributing their musical brilliance across multiple South Indian languages. Alphons Joseph, a seasoned musician, made his remarkable Marathi debut, adding to the year’s musical diversity.

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In summary, Music Aloud’s annual roundup #14 encapsulates a year filled with musical diversity, evolution, and innovation. The decision to separate language categories allows for a deeper appreciation of the unique musical flavors each language brings. From Bollywood’s retro revival to Malayalam’s folk-inspired melodies, the year was a testament to the enduring power of music to captivate and inspire.

As the music industry continues to evolve, we look forward to another year of enchanting melodies, evocative lyrics, and captivating compositions. Stay tuned for more musical discoveries and enjoy the carefully curated playlists that celebrate the magic of music.

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