Top Songs of 2022: Music Aloud Playback

Music Aloud’s annual roundup #14 is here with a few changes based on feedback from previous editions. This time, there are separate lists for Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi films instead of combining them into one “Other Language Films” set. However, this meant there wasn’t enough time to include web series and instrumental/BGM lists. The format remains the same, with songs listed by movie release year and includes the song title, movie title, music director(s), lyricist(s), and singer(s). The artwork is once again from @cookydoh. The playlists have been consolidated into one 186-song playlist on Apple Music and Spotify.

The Bollywood music scene didn’t see many exciting soundtracks this year, but there was a noticeable decrease in remixes. Instead, there was a growing love for the retro sound, as seen in albums like Amit Trivedi’s “Qala” and Achint’s “Monica O My Darling.” Amit Trivedi had a busy year, composing for 10 Hindi soundtracks, with “Qala” being a standout. Pritam delivered incredible diversity across the four movies he worked on. Other veteran composers, like Shantanu Moitra, also released noteworthy albums. Among the newer crop of composers, Parag Chhabra, OAFF, and Nilotpal Bora impressed with their first full Bollywood soundtracks.

In the Malayalam music scene, Vishnu Vijay’s “Thallumaala” stood out as the favorite soundtrack of the year. The music in this film was integral and aligned with the visuals, creating a captivating experience. The rise of folk influence in Malayalam music was evident in “Thallumaala” and other songs released this year. Hesham Abdul Wahab’s “Hridayam” brought back some throwback elements, while A R Rahman made a comeback after 30 years with “Malayankunju.” The likes of Justin Varghese, Prashant Pillai, Jakes Bejoy, Govind Vasantha, Gopi Sunder, and Ranjin Raj were busy across multiple South Indian languages. Alphons Joseph also made his Marathi debut. Overall, it was an exciting year in Malayalam music.

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