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Title: New Developments in AI Regulations and Music Industry News

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AI Regulation: EU and UK Developments

This week, the EU member states have approved the final draft of the EU AI Act, which will regulate various applications of artificial intelligence. Of particular interest to the music industry are the new rules governing the use of copyright-protected works when training generative AI models. This development has sparked both celebration and concern within the industry.

Setback for UK Code of Practice on Copyright and AI

On the other hand, the planned UK code of practice on copyright and AI has been put on hold after unsuccessful negotiations between the creative industries and the tech sector. The lack of clarity regarding legal obligations for using existing content to train AI models has been a setback for the music industry.

Urgent Reconsideration Needed for Copyright and AI, Says Culture Committee Chair

The Chair of Parliament’s culture select committee has urged the government to urgently reconsider its approach to dealing with copyright challenges posed by AI, following the failure to negotiate a voluntary code of practice on copyright and AI.

News in Brief

In other news, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek criticized Apple’s approach to implementing the EU Digital Markets Act during the company’s Q4 earnings call, hinting at potential job cuts. Meanwhile, Warner Music’s CEO expressed confidence in resolving the dispute between Universal Music Group and TikTok, as the music industry undergoes significant changes.

Reshuffle at Universal Music as Capitol CEO Steps Down

The restructuring of Universal Music’s US recordings business has led to the resignation of Michelle Jubelirer, CEO of the Capitol Music Group. This restructuring signals a significant shift in the major label’s operations.

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Apple’s New Payment Model Raises Concerns for Indie Labels

Independent labels have raised concerns over changes to Apple Music’s payment model, citing potential negative impacts on their artists’ revenues. The changes are said to benefit major labels at the expense of independent artists and labels.

Megan Thee Stallion Signs New Deal with Warner Music

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has signed a distribution deal with Warner Music through her company Hot Girl Productions, marking a new chapter in her career following the settlement of a legal dispute with her former label.

Music Moguls Irving Azoff and Eddy Cue Launch New Golf Course

On a lighter note, music manager Irving Azoff and Apple executive Eddy Cue have opened a new golf course in California, merging the worlds of music and tech. The Ladera Golf Club has already garnered attention as the Best New Private Course of 2023.

In conclusion, the developments in AI regulations and the ongoing changes within the music industry reflect a period of significant transformation and adaptation. As the industry navigates these changes, it remains crucial to address the concerns and challenges to ensure a fair and sustainable future for all stakeholders.

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