Spotify Seeks European Commission Intervention with Apple App Approval

Spotify Urges European Commission for Apple App Approval

Spotify has reached out to the European Commission regarding Apple’s delay in approving changes to its iOS app. The streaming service asserts that Apple typically reviews app submissions within 24 hours but has not responded after nine days, indicating potential stalling tactics.

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The delays, as outlined in a letter from Spotify to the EC and reported by The Verge, are viewed as evidence of Apple potentially evading compliance with the Commission’s decision. Spotify is concerned that Apple’s delay may be intentional to hinder or avoid adherence to the ruling.

Spotify is seeking intervention from the EC to pressure Apple into approving the changes. A recent similar intervention led to Apple reversing a decision that was hindering Epic Games from modifying its presence on iOS devices. This intervention aligns with European regulators enforcing compliance with the EU Digital Markets Act, while Spotify’s changes respond to the EU competition regulator’s recent ruling on Apple’s App Store rules.

Objective of Spotify and Epic Games

Both Epic and Spotify share the same goal of leveraging EU developments to amend their iOS apps previously restricted by Apple’s App Store rules. The contentious rule in question is the anti-steering provision, which limits app developers from directing users to payment options outside the app to avoid paying Apple commissions on transactions.

Following a complaint from Spotify, the EU regulator found this rule to be anti-competitive, fining Apple €1.8 billion and mandating in-app signposting to alternative payment options. The Digital Markets Act played a role in compelling a change to this rule, although criticism from Spotify and others persists regarding Apple’s compliance strategy.

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Spotify’s App Update Submission

On March 5th, the day after the EU competition regulator’s ruling, Spotify submitted an update to its iOS app. This update includes details on various subscription options with pricing information and links for users to sign up for a premium account on the Spotify website.

A spokesperson for Spotify informed The Verge, “It’s been nine days, and we’re still awaiting Apple’s response on our app submission to display pricing and website links to EU consumers—actions authorized by the European Commission’s decision on the music streaming case.” The delay from Apple contradicts its usual 24-hour review claim and disregards the Commission’s adoption timeline.

For more information on Spotify, you can visit their official website here. Similarly, you may explore updates related to Apple on their corporate site here.


In conclusion, Spotify’s appeal to the European Commission highlights ongoing tensions with Apple over app approval processes. The evolving landscape of EU regulations and platform dominance continues to shape the interactions between technology giants and regulatory bodies, with significant implications for competition and consumer choice.

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