Kacey Musgraves: Dangerous ‘Deeper Well’ Video Shoot

Kacey Musgraves’ Near-Death Experience While Filming Deeper Well Album in Iceland

Kacey Musgraves has recently made a comeback with her highly anticipated album Deeper Well. However, the country star revealed that her return almost didn’t happen due to a harrowing experience she faced while shooting the music video for the title track in Iceland.

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During a guest appearance on The Tonight Show, Musgraves shared how she narrowly avoided a near-death incident on an extremely tall and steep precipice. She humorously recounted, “We picked literally the worst possible week to go. It was high wind advisories—I almost got blown off that cliff.”

Reflecting on the dangerous situation, she joked, “I was almost like, ‘This video will be my death announcement.’ It was a sheer drop down to the ocean. It was treacherous. Even the locals were like, ‘This is some scary s–t.'” Musgraves also posted a video showing her and her crew braving the fierce winds, with her clutching her jacket tightly to prevent it from flying off.

The music video for “Deeper Well” showcases breathtaking scenes of Musgraves wandering through picturesque farmlands and beaches, along with stunning aerial shots of Iceland’s majestic canyons. Despite the challenges faced during filming, the end result was nothing short of mesmerizing.

Aside from the perilous winds, Musgraves encountered another unexpected mishap during her time in Iceland. She disclosed to Fallon that she and her manager received a speeding ticket after rushing back from an unsuccessful attempt to view the Northern Lights. Laughing it off, she shared a snapshot captured by Iceland’s hidden speeding cameras, indicating a mere $10 penalty.

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Deeper Well Album Release and Reception

The highly anticipated album, Deeper Well, was released at midnight on Friday, March 15th, marking Musgraves’ first LP since 2021’s Star-Crossed. Preceded by singles such as the title track and “Too Good to be True,” the album has already garnered significant attention and praise from fans and critics alike.

For those who missed Musgraves’ entertaining recount of her Icelandic escapades on The Tonight Show, be sure to catch the episode for a firsthand glimpse of her amusing anecdotes and adventures.

As Kacey Musgraves continues to captivate listeners with her musical talents and storytelling prowess, her latest album, Deeper Well, stands as a testament to her resilience and creative spirit. With each new release, she solidifies her place as a prominent figure in the music industry, enchanting audiences with her soulful melodies and captivating lyrics.

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