Music Industry Updates: WMG and Spotify Earnings, BBC Radio Backlash, 3tone’s Persistence

Every Sunday, CMU provides a synopsis of five significant music business articles from the previous week, as well as a roundup of other news. This week’s major stories include Q4 earnings updates from Warner Music and Spotify with details of their earnings calls, the UK’s abandonment of a proposed voluntary code for copyright and AI, the UK commercial radio groups’ opposition to BBC’s new station plans, and 3tone’s struggles to find a new distribution partner.

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Important updates not to be missed include developments at Key Production, Apple’s spatial bonus controversy, the industry’s talent pipeline blockage, LGBTQ+ discrimination highlighted in a report, and Kakao’s collaboration with SM Entertainment. Lastly, Eddy “The Niblick” Cue and Irving “Birdie” Azoff’s shared love for golf are mentioned.

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Highlighted excerpts from this week’s industry news include Warner Music CEO Robert Kyncl’s comments on growing relevance, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s remarks on job cuts, the shelving of the UK’s voluntary code on copyright and AI, the UK commercial radio sector’s opposition to new BBC stations, and 3tone distributor’s search for a new deal.

The Setlist Podcast delves into AI developments in the music industry and the BBC Radio’s plans, along with other notable stories including Key Production’s transition to employee ownership and Apple Music’s criticism about its spatial bonus implementation.

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In conclusion, this week’s roundup of industry news provides important updates on the music business landscape covering a wide range of topics.

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