Gaza Rapper MC Abdul & Saint Levant Drop ‘Deira’ Music Video

The Celebration of Palestinian Culture in Saint Levant and MC Abdul’s New Song “Deira”

Saint Levant and MC Abdul have released a new song and music video called “Deira” that celebrates the rich culture of Palestine. The song comes after Levant’s signing with Universal Arabic Music (UAM) and showcases his diverse background of Palestinian, Algerian, French, and Serbian descent. MC Abdul, a 15-year-old rapper from Gaza, gained global recognition in 2021 with his viral hit, “Palestine.”

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An Ode to Palestinian Heritage Through “Deira”

“Deira,” named after the hotel that Levant’s father built in Gaza, pays homage to Levant’s lineage and roots. The traditional Shaabi Arab musical style native to Algiers sets the tone for the song, which offers a nostalgic view of daily life, food, fashion, and sports in the Middle East. The music video captures the essence of the region through a dreamy lens, showcasing the beauty of the culture.

The Heart-wrenching Story Behind “Deira”

Levant shares the emotional history of the Deira hotel, built by his father and mother in 2000 using mud due to restrictions on importing cement. The hotel, located on the beach in Gaza, was a stunning architectural feat with 22 rooms. Tragically, in 2014, four children playing outside the hotel were killed by Israeli rocket fire. More recently, the hotel was destroyed in bombings three months ago, leaving behind a painful legacy.

MC Abdul’s Powerful Presence in the Song

MC Abdul, who left Gaza for the United States just before the war erupted, contributes poignant lyrics to “Deira,” acknowledging the ongoing conflict. His verse reflects the struggles faced by many Palestinians, with lines like, “Big dreams, heavy nights/praying that my family can stay alive/imagine trying to fly with no wings/but I promise you the caged bird sings.”

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Music Industry Growth in the Middle East

The Middle East has emerged as a promising market for the music industry, with major labels like Universal establishing imprints and offices in the region. Streaming platforms like Spotify and Anghami have made significant investments, tapping into the growing demand for music in the Arab world. The IFPI report highlights the MENA region’s impressive growth rate in recorded music revenue, driven primarily by streaming.

Challenges Faced by Palestinian Artists

Despite the burgeoning music scene in the Middle East, Palestinian artists continue to face obstacles, particularly in the wake of the conflict in Gaza. The war has disrupted opportunities for many artists, and the increased focus on the conflict has not translated into significant streaming gains for Palestinian musicians. MC Abdul’s streaming numbers saw a temporary surge following the war, reflecting the impact of global attention on the region.

In conclusion, “Deira” by Saint Levant and MC Abdul serves as a poignant tribute to Palestinian culture, reflecting the beauty and resilience of the people amidst adversity. As the music industry in the Middle East continues to grow, it is essential to support and uplift Palestinian artists, ensuring their voices are heard on a global stage.

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