Levi’s Jeans: Beyonce and Post Malone in ‘Cowboy Carter’ Mode

“Levii’s Jeans” Collaboration: Levi’s Joins BeyHive with Cowboy Carter Duet

In a surprising twist of fashion and music collaboration, Levi’s brand has teamed up with Beyoncé and Post Malone on the duet track “Levii’s Jeans” featured in Cowboy Carter, creating a buzz among fans this weekend. The denim company took to Instagram and TikTok on Friday (March 29) to express their excitement, posting images of various Levi’s jean styles with the caption, “Oh to be Levi’s jeans right now” accompanied by jeans and cowboy hat emojis.

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Levi’s went the extra mile by changing their Instagram profile logo and display name to “Levii’s” as a playful nod to the Cowboy Carter duet. The denim giant even updated their account bio to read “FKA Levi’s” and added a bee emoji, a clear reference to Beyoncé’s loyal fan group known as the BeyHive.

Unique Collaboration and Song Details

The collaboration between Beyoncé and Post Malone on “Levii’s Jeans” showcases the two artists seamlessly sharing vocal duties on a flirty, radio-friendly track. Beyoncé’s catchy chorus features lyrics like “You call me pretty little thing/ And I love to turn him on/ Boy, I’ll let you be my Levi’s jeans/ So you can hug that a– all day long,” while Post Malone adds his own flair with lines such as “Come here, you sexy little thing/ Snap a picture, bring it on/ Oh, girl, I wish I was your Levi’s jeans/ The way you poppin’ out my phone/ I love you down to the bone.”

The song’s playful and flirtatious vibe is further enhanced by the photos of Levi’s jean styles shared on social media, inspired by the content of the track. Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter album also features collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and other music icons, adding to the anticipation surrounding the release.

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Post Malone’s Future Projects

Post Malone’s talent and versatility are evident not only in his collaboration with Beyoncé but also in his upcoming project with Taylor Swift. Fans can look forward to hearing Post Malone on a track titled “Fortnight,” which serves as the opener for Swift’s highly anticipated album, The Tortured Poets Department, set to release on April 19. Additionally, Post Malone recently joined forces with Noah Kahan for a revamped version of Kahan’s “Dial Drunk,” showcasing the diverse range of his musical artistry.


The collaboration between Levi’s, Beyoncé, and Post Malone on “Levii’s Jeans” represents a unique fusion of fashion and music, garnering attention and excitement from fans worldwide. As the buzz around Cowboy Carter grows, music enthusiasts eagerly await the release of Post Malone’s upcoming projects, promising more innovative and engaging musical collaborations in the future. Listen to the infectious charm of “Levii’s Jeans” below and join the celebration of music and fashion at its finest.

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