Beatles and UMusicLift Highlighted in Music Industry News

# Music Industry News Roundup

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In the latest developments in the music industry, several significant deals, appointments, and releases have caught the attention of industry insiders and music enthusiasts alike. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting updates:

## Capitol and Polydor Labels Sign Good Neighbours

Universal Music’s Capitol and Polydor labels have teamed up to sign Good Neighbours following the success of their debut single ‘Home’. The UK duo’s debut EP is set to be released by Some Action in the UK and Neon Gold in the US, with support from major subsidiaries later this year. Good Neighbours will transition to being solely Universal-signed after this release.

## Pete Ganbarg Partners with Atlantic Records to Launch Pure Tone Records

A&R executive Pete Ganbarg and Atlantic Records have joined forces to establish Pure Tone Records. Ganbarg expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, stating, “It’s the best of both worlds—a golden opportunity to run my own shop while having the backing of the outstanding Atlantic team I’ve collaborated closely with for over fifteen years.”

## Live Appoints Ross Patel as Green Impact Consultant

LIVE, the live music industry trade body, has named Ross Patel as its first Green Impact Consultant. CEO Jon Collins praised Patel’s energy, knowledge, and dedication to sustainability issues and highlighted his role in leading the ‘LIVE Green’ initiative to advance sustainability efforts within the live music sector.

## Satellite414 Elevates Claire Coulton to Head Of Press

Music PR firm Satellite414 has promoted Claire Coulton to Head Of Press. Coulton expressed her excitement about this new role, citing her valuable experience working with artists like Lana Del Rey, Adele, and Halsey. She looks forward to expanding her roster in the years to come.

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## TaP Music Welcomes Will Bloomfield as Co-President

TaP Music has appointed Will Bloomfield as Co-President and Head Of Global Artists Management. Bloomfield, who joins from Modest! Management, expressed his thrill at joining TaP and lauded the company’s reputation for developing artists into global superstars over the past fifteen years.

## Universal Music Launches UMusicLift for Startups

Universal Music has unveiled UMusicLift, an online hub for music-related startups and entrepreneurs. Kristen Bender, Universal’s SVP Digital Innovation Strategy & Business Development, emphasized the platform’s role in supporting early-stage entrepreneurs by providing resources and advice to help them thrive in the music industry.

## Downtown Music Expands Partnership to Offer $500 Million Advances

Downtown Music has expanded its partnership with Bank Of America to provide an additional $500 million in advances to independent artists, songwriters, labels, and publishers in exchange for short-term shares in future royalties. CEO Pieter van Rijn highlighted the importance of flexible financing solutions in supporting artists and driving industry growth.

## Apple Music Introduces Tools for Tracking Plays and Shazams

Apple Music has launched a suite of tools for label and distribution partners to track plays on the streaming service, global radio play, and Shazams. This initiative aims to provide valuable insights and analytics to music industry professionals for optimizing their music promotion strategies.

## Featured Artists Coalition Announces Step Up Fund

The Featured Artists Coalition in the UK has announced the return of its Step Up Fund for a third year, offering grants of up to £8000 to ten independent artists. Applications for the fund open on 15 May, providing crucial financial support to emerging talent in the music industry.

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## Music+ Organizes LGBTQ+ Meetup at Great Escape

Music+, a network for LGBTQ+ individuals in the music industry, is hosting a meetup at the upcoming Great Escape event. The meetup will take place at The Actors in Brighton on 17 May, providing a platform for networking and building connections within the LGBTQ+ music community.

## The Libertines’ Albion Rooms Transforms into Recording Studio

The Libertines’ Albion Rooms hotel in Margate will transition from hosting paying guests to serving as a residential recording studio and events space at the end of June. This move aligns with the band’s vision to create a creative hub for music and artistic endeavors.

## New Music Releases

– Megan Thee Stallion returns with the single ‘Boa’.
– Camila Cabello releases ‘He Knows’ featuring Lil Nas X.
– Charli XCX unveils ‘360’ from her upcoming album ‘Brat’ set to release on 7 June.
– Jodie Harsh drops the new single ‘Joy’.
– Metronomy’s Anna Prior debuts ‘Up2U’ from her upcoming EP ‘Almost Love’.
– Orange Goblin releases ‘Cemetery Rats’ from their forthcoming album ‘Science, Not Fiction’, the band’s first with Peaceville Records.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the dynamic music industry landscape. An array of innovative deals, impactful appointments, and compelling releases continue to shape the ever-evolving world of music.

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