Anthropic AI Firm Seeks Dismissal of Music Publisher Lawsuit

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Amazon-Backed AI Company Anthropic Seeks Dismissal of Copyright Lawsuit

Anthropic, an AI company backed by Amazon, has filed a motion to dismiss a copyright lawsuit brought against it by several music publishers. The basis of their motion is not detailed copyright law arguments, but rather jurisdictional grounds.

Legal Filing in Tennessee

In their legal filing with the courts in Tennessee, Anthropic argues that Universal Music Publishing, Concord, and ABKCO have filed the lawsuit in a jurisdiction with no connection to the alleged conduct, thus questioning the validity of the filing.

Accusations of Unauthorized Use

The music publishers claim that Anthropic used their lyrics without permission while training its AI chatbot, Claude. This has raised questions about whether tech firms need permission to use existing content when training generative AI models, with most AI companies holding differing views.

Jurisdiction Dispute

Various copyright owners have been taking legal action to challenge the copyright obligations of AI firms, often through the Californian courts – a jurisdiction Anthropic believes this lawsuit should have been filed in due to its connections to big tech and Hollywood, despite the music industry’s presence in both California and Nashville, Tennessee.

Legal Standing in Different Jurisdictions

Anthropic notes that some test cases filed by copyright owners in California have been restricted by the courts, leading to speculation that the publishers have chosen Tennessee due to this trend. However, while the Californian courts have rejected many arguments, core infringement claims typically persist.

Location of Legal Battle

Anthropic asserts that Nashville is not the appropriate location for this legal battle, especially given its California base and the primary base of the plaintiffs. They have requested the dismissal of the complaint or a transfer to the Northern District of California.

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The legal dispute between Anthropic and the music publishers has raised jurisdictional, copyright, and AI-related questions that will likely have significant implications for the industry as a whole.

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