Kesha Removes Diddy’s Name from ‘Tik Tok’ Lyrics After Lawsuit

Kesha Makes Lyric Change in “TiK ToK” Song After Cassie Ventura Settles Lawsuit Against Diddy

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On her Only Love Tour, Kesha made a significant change to the lyrics of her hit single “TiK ToK,” following Cassie Ventura’s recent lawsuit settlement with Diddy. The 36-year-old musician performed the song at Hollywood Palladium, singing, “Wake up in the morning feeling just like me,” in place of the original lyrics referencing P. Diddy.

Kesha’s Lyric Change
Kesha’s decision to modify the lyrics of “TiK ToK” came after Cassie Ventura and Diddy settled a lawsuit. Ventura, known for her song “Me and U,” sued Diddy for alleged abuse spanning over a decade. The lawsuit detailed various forms of abuse, including physical beatings and compelled participation in sexual acts. The settlement, occurring just 24 hours after the filing, was referenced by Ventura as a means to resolve the matter amicably.

Ventura-Diddy Settlement
The statement issued by Ventura’s attorney, Douglas Wigdor, mentioned her appreciation for the support received from family, fans, and lawyers. Diddy followed with a statement of his own, expressing a desire to resolve the matter amicably and wishing Ventura and her family the best.

Legal Defense
In response to the settlement, Diddy’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, emphasized that settling a lawsuit does not equate to an admission of wrongdoing, reiterating Diddy’s complete denial of the claims.

Kesha’s Performance
Kesha’s decision to alter the lyrics of “TiK ToK” reflects a broader cultural shift in response to social and legal developments within the music industry. Watch Kesha’s modified performance of “TiK ToK” below.

In conclusion, Kesha’s lyric change and the Ventura-Diddy lawsuit settlement are indicative of evolving dynamics within the music industry, prompting artists to reconsider their artistic expression in light of broader societal conversations.

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