Tori Kelly’s Billboard Interview: Beyonce, Tour & More

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Tori Kelly Reflects on Recent Hospitalization, Beyoncé’s Support, and New EP

After a successful tour and the release of her new EP, Tori Kelly sat down with Billboard to discuss her recent experiences.

Overcoming Health Challenges

Kelly, feeling “really good” after being hospitalized for blood clots in her lungs and legs, expressed gratitude for the support she received during the scary ordeal. She was particularly touched by Beyoncé’s gesture of sending her massive flowers and a “Get Well Soon” card.

Reflecting on Musical Growth

Kelly’s new EP, “Tori,” symbolizes her personal and musical growth since her last album in 2020, which she describes as more melancholic. The new release signifies a shift towards a more confident and experimental sound, influenced by her experiences of healing and love.

Future Projects

Kelly hints at the possibility of a new album and expresses excitement about exploring new sounds and styles in her upcoming projects.

For more on Kelly’s journey, watch the full interview with Billboard here.

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