Spotify Reverses Threat to Quit Uruguay

Spotify Won’t Exit Uruguay After Copyright Clarification

Spotify has decided not to leave the Uruguayan market following a clarification by the country’s government. The clarification stipulates that labels and distributors, rather than streaming services, will be responsible for the new equitable remuneration payments for performers. This decision comes as a relief to many in the music industry and ensures that Spotify will continue to operate in Uruguay.

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easyGroup Sues PC Music Producer Easyfun

In another legal battle, easyGroup has filed a lawsuit against PC Music-signed producer Easyfun, claiming trademark infringement. This follows a similar case against the band Easy Life earlier this year. The legal dispute highlights the ongoing challenges faced by musicians and their associated businesses in protecting their intellectual property rights.

Music Consumption Reaches All-Time High, But Unlicensed Music Still a Concern

The latest ‘Engaging With Music’ report from the IFPI reveals that music consumption is at an all-time high. Despite this positive trend, 29% of participants in the study still access music from unlicensed services, a factor that warrants continued attention from the music industry. Stream-ripping platforms remain the most commonly used piracy services, posing a significant challenge to copyright protection efforts.

Positive Outcome of EU AI Act Talks Welcomed by Music Industry

Last week’s negotiations regarding the EU AI Act have been positively received by key players in the music industry, including German song rights society GEMA and global record industry trade group IFPI. The retention of key transparency obligations in the latest draft of the EU AI Act signifies progress in addressing industry concerns and establishing clear guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in music-related activities.

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European Commission to Address Apple’s In-App Payments Rules

The European Commission is nearing a ruling concerning Apple’s App Store rules, driven by a complaint filed by Spotify five years ago. This development underscores ongoing regulatory efforts to ensure fair and transparent practices within app ecosystems, with potential implications for the broader digital music landscape.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund Completes Sale of “Non-Core” Songs Catalogue

The Hipgnosis Songs Fund has finalized the sale of approximately 20,000 “non-core” songs in a $23.1 million deal. This transaction, stemming from the fund’s 2020 agreement with Kobalt, demonstrates the dynamic nature of music catalog management and investment strategies within the industry.

Vinyl Sales Battle for Christmas Number One in 2023

The Pogues and Wham! are set to release ‘Fairytale Of New York’ and another classic hit on seven-inch vinyl, vying for the coveted Christmas number one spot in 2023. This nostalgic competition reflects the enduring popularity of vinyl records and their continued significance in shaping music chart outcomes.

Taylor Swift’s Record-Breaking Tour Surpasses a Billion Dollars

Pollstar reports that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has exceeded the billion-dollar mark this year, surpassing the financial success of previous record-breaking tours by U2, Ed Sheeran, and Elton John. This achievement underscores Swift’s unparalleled impact and commercial success within the contemporary music industry.

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