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A handpicked list of important blogs that make submitting your music easier. You will have a fantastic opportunity to obtain greater visibility with these blogs of music if your music is amazing.
Prepare a pitching email with short essentials and follow the directions stated accurately by these music websites. It is a long procedure to address every site on the list, but it does deserve the rewards and advantages.

AVA Live Radio (different genres)

A music blog and radio broadcast covering 15 stations throughout the United States and Canada. This channel is broadcast worldwide and includes programming such as Rock Mania, Rap Caviar, New Music Release Radar, Rewind Wednesday, Fresh Music Friday, Behind The Musical Interviews as well as news and social media news from the Daily Jax Music Business. Launched in 2005. The launch of new music directly to music fans and industry has become a well-respected source. In social media, they also promote every artist. Even when your music is allowed here, there are usually several other journals with whom you have a close connection: Hype Machine, Earmilk, Indie Music Spin, American Pride Magazine, 6ix magazine, and British Invasion Mag. With their ‘Send Music’ website, you can effortlessly present your newest hit.

Official Website Link:

Submit Your Music:

Fees start for several weeks from $25-$200 in the press and PR. Exposure of social media, rotation of the playlist, 15 channel airing of radio, advisory, and Google Search in business news music.

Effective?: Most effective, very efficient. The industry and artists have an excellent reputation. You may observe people who comment on blog articles and social feeds, as well as the increase of social media followers’ visibility and the guaranteed rotation of radios and playlists.

Indiemusicspin (All Genres)

A newsletter for an industry that directly provides subscribers with fresh music, video, and music news. The traffic hits more than 20,000 a day and supports social media posts every day.

Official Website Link:

Music Submission Link:

Send free:
Load: Fees for a newspaper, various newsletters, e-mail newsletters, and fantastic results from Google SEO start at 99$.

Effective?: Very efficient with high search results from Google with countable pages. You can request page statistics and view several social media posts about the circulation of your music throughout active social media, which are backed by other websites. Artists have remarked that the introduction of music is an effective manner, and many artists use the site for each release.

Indie Shuffle

Genres: ‘Indie rock and downtempo/House is something we appreciate. Please don’t use classical rock/commercial pop/soul/R&B or “wah ooohhh” music. “

Founded in 2009, Indie Shuffle comprises a varied range of genres. They have only good opinions on the independent music they feel is valuable and up to standard. They’re confident they don’t like to tune automatically, do not cover mixes, and usually keep YouTube out.

Indie Shuffle often shares a playlist as a blog post (88.0%), (12.0 percent )
They like Downtempo/Minimal Electronic, Instrumental, Bedroom/ Lo-fi Pop, Indie Electro, and Indie Rock based on recent approvals.

Official Website Link:

Submit Your Music:

* Do not submit your application on weekends. *Normally not submit on weekend.
Charge: Uploads may be anticipated free to submit:

Successful?: Some artists have stated that a release and playlist placement show some traffic. Good engagement with SoundCloud and following Twitter. I like it, on one page of your website, I can easily review songs.

A&R Factory (Different Genres)

A&R Factory is a blog of music that began in 2012. The blog has been named one of the 10 top blogs in the UK and one of the 100 world’s leading repertoire artists. Your demos can be readily presented via their “Send Music” page:

Official Website Link:

Submit Music Link:

Fees commence at $25
Effective?: they’re reputable, yet they follow very limited social media and no involvement.


Genres: Indie Filter

Indie Music Filter is a music blog from Toronto. Videos, reviews, and playlists are available. They are hosting the best indie musicians to come.

Official website link:

Music submitting by email: [email protected];

Charging: Entry free

Effective? The blog is manually curated, so it is a highly personal submission procedure. You need to observe what the curator is writing at the moment and make sure that you fit the atmosphere of the blog when you submit. They have an excellent reputation for emerging artists, and I have read their blog, but yet relatively little social media. I think the blog is straightforward to read and friendly to the industry. I like to see music videos rapidly on the homepage.

SubmitHub (Different genres)

Music discovery and news site with a strong track record and links to other blogs. It’s really hard to radar, but you get lucky sometimes.

Submit Music link:

Charge: All requests must be made via the submitted hub, which is charged and a difficult process.

Effective? If you can acquire a feature, very effective. In most cases, a PR company with close relationships with the site may be photographed better.


Indie88 is the first indie music station in Canada and is a blog situated in Toronto. Artists can upload music and discover lots of reviews, previews, and features in the blog—all indie musicians supportive of this. It has an Internet radio station that transmits an independent breakout artists’ carefully crafted playline. Indie88 is a forum for rising musicians while honoring the inspirational classics.

Submit Music:

Xune Mag

Genres: (several genres)

Xune Mag loves new music and new artists’ interviews. You will discover the world’s top independent and upcoming artists. It accepts submissions from bands and artists of almost every genre and provides an opportunity to reviews, interview, and contribute to the playlists for new and unsigned musicians.

Music submission link

and the official website:

The Ninja music

Genres (different genres)

The Ninja Music is a multi-gender portal for music discovery that leads listeners away from ‘awful repetitious music.’ This website produces playlists of fresh artist finds and focuses on daily updated musicians of all kinds whose music really merits sharing.


Music submission:

Aquarium Drunkard

Genres: (different genres)

The Drunkard Aquarium was founded in Los Angeles in 2005. The journal’s varied audio concentrated on daily reviews, interviews, characteristics, podcasts, and meetings. Their tunes include psyche, jazz, avant-garde, folk, garage, funk, and much more. They cover modern styling.

Website Official:

Music submission:

Acid Stag

Genres: Electronic

Acid Stag is an online site devoted to sharing music based in Australia. The site with more than 3,800 followers is also Australia’s leading Hype Machine. The focus is generally electronica, electro, disco, house, groove, funk, soul, dance. The blog has playlists from Apple Music & Spotify which feature some of the favorite music on the blog.

The website is official:

Music for Submission:

Genres (Different genres)

BIRP includes a monthly +100 free-to-stream or download tunes compilation. A range of services, including Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Deezer are also available. A fresh and unsigned artists and bands playlist aggregator and blog. The website also serves as a nexus for a growing group of people who like to share music and discuss it. You can submit your music for consideration and review either by submitting a hub, a physical album, or a demo.

Submit Music:


Genres (Different genres)

FACT was founded in London in 2003 as a bi-monthly music magazine and a journal for young culture. They also have their own branded material for a video. Thanks to their main series Against the Uhr, they were able to offer visually visible material that was watched over 30 million times. Against The Clock has included Zaytoven, a drum and bass icon, Lady Gaga’s DJ Lady Starlight tour, and Southside Future producer, with more than 150 episodes.


Music submission: [email protected].


Genres: Different Genres

The AllMusic database includes over 3 million albums, 30 million tracks, and a complete database. They evaluate future and old records with new releases. they review. They provide the suggested albums and songs in a discography of an artist or tracks on an album. They also provide sound samples and streaming links for listening to music ratings from 1st to 5stars. These new releases are also included in the weekly newsletter of Allmusic.


Music submission:


Genres: Hip Hop, Pop, Pop, Indie, Rock, EDM, Dubstep, Songwriter, Alternative Audiotox Genres.

Audiotox’s a new music and contemporary artists music blog. You submit your music via Submit Hub. Most artists will be able to include your song if they offer their music a decent bio or EPK. They also contain interviews.

Official site:

Send Music:

Abduction Radiation

Radiation genres of abduction: different genres.

Abduction Radiation is a music blog located in Los Angeles that displays independent and popular music but focuses on more underground artists and bands. You may download a selection of SoundCloud songs for free from a Download section.

Website Official:

Music Submission:


Genres: different genres

The alternative only publishes excellent sound music, which sounds very nice. You conduct CD reviews, interviews, annual awards, Spotify playlists.

Official WebSite:
Music submission Email: [email protected].


Genres of audio drums: electronic pop, dance-pop, and indie.

In Audio Drum, music with an emphasis on electro and indie genres is uncommon and ignored. They are also a forum for remixing, making, and creating electronic music.

Official Site:

Submit Music Link:


(Genres: Different kinds)

The Music Junkies’ Holy Bible is called HighClouds. They love new music and artists to come. It used to be an internet radio station, but now it’s a multimedia site with albums and EP reviews of new musicians from various genres. They evaluate new artists who have shared materials (albums, EPs, films, songs), but to some degree, they also cover published ones.

Official Website Link:

Submit your music:


Different genres: High Country, America, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues.

Twangville is a music site including Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk, and Blues launched in 2005. The website also provides its users with daily playlists and “Readers’ picks” for artists, albums, and songs. CD reviews, interviews, podcasts are provided as well.

Submission of Music: [email protected]

Official WebSite:


The genres of EarMilk include Hip Hop, Soul, Soul, Dance, Indie, Electronic, and Experimental
Earmilk is an online music magazine located in the United States and Canada. Founded by Montrey Whittaker and Blake Edwards. Videos, exclusive articles, downloads, reviews, interviews, interviews, and competitions are included. Musical preferences are shared by all kinds of music on recent singles and underground découvertes.

Official Website Link:

Submit Your Music:

Kings of AR

Genres: different kinds

The most recent rising musicians are featured in Kings of A&R. The Killers, Fray, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Gotye, One Republic, the capital cities, the neighborhood, and Twenty One Pilots all have been profile musicians. The website welcomes contributions from bands and artists of all kinds.

Official website / Submit Your Music:

EQ Music Blog

Genres: Electronic Pop

A new pop and electronic music blog with fresh upcoming artists was established in 2005 by EQ music blog. Their musical interviews include Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Hurts, Erasure, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Mika, Didido, Sia, New Kids on the block, Imogen Heap, Steps, The Wrought, Backstreet Boys, Róisín Muphy, Sam Sparro, Martin Solveig and BT to mention a few.

Official Website Link:


Genres: Classical & Experimental, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, R&B, Country & Folk, Soul.

Xttrawave welcomes worldwide music from artists. They cover Rap & Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, R&B, Rock & Country. He has become a renowned artist and repertoire blog with a growing readership. It focuses mainly on new music and contemporary performers and utilizes the blog to find new people. The editors of the site constantly search for the next major smash.

Official Website Link:

Send Your Music:

Bill: $10 per service: Blog postings
Successful? I: Not Sure. The blog is difficult to read and advertise.