Selena Gomez Addresses Benny Blanco Dating Rumors

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Selena Gomez Responds to Dating Rumors: Instagram Comments and Updates

Selena Gomez Addresses Dating Rumors on Instagram

On December 7th, Selena Gomez took to Instagram to address the rumors circulating about her dating producer Benny Blanco. The pop star and actress responded to the social media buzz with a series of comments, setting the record straight on her relationship status.

Gomez’s Response to Social Media Reactions

Gomez emphasized how important Blanco is to her, stating, “He is my absolute everything in my heart.” She defended herself against negative comments, expressing that she will not let others’ words dictate her happiness. She also revealed that she and Blanco have kept their relationship private for six months.

Interactions with Fans

As fans voiced opinions on her relationship, Gomez engaged with them, firmly stating her position and expressing gratitude for their support. She also clarified details about her new relationship, addressing misconceptions and defending her personal choices.

Confirmation from Billboard

Billboard reached out to a representative for Gomez to verify the authenticity of her comments, indicating the widespread interest in her response to the dating rumors.

Instagram Stories and Relationship Updates

Following her comments, Gomez shared a photo on her Instagram Stories, appearing to be with Blanco. She also expressed appreciation for her followers, reinforcing her connection with fans.

Collaboration with Benny Blanco

Gomez’s collaboration with Blanco extends beyond romantic rumors, as they have worked together on music projects. Blanco co-produced Gomez’s recent hit “Single Soon,” and they also collaborated on Blanco’s track “I Can’t Get Enough” alongside Tainy and J Balvin in 2019.

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Teasing New Music

Gomez also responded to a fan’s inquiry about her third solo album, hinting at its release in two months, generating anticipation among her fans for new music.

Overall Impact of Gomez’s Instagram Posts

Gomez’s candid responses on Instagram have shed light on her personal life and interactions with fans, providing insights into her relationship with Blanco and upcoming music endeavors.

To learn more about Selena Gomez’s music and updates, visit her official website and follow her on Instagram.

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