‘Maren Morris’ Intermission: Five-Song Project’

Maren Morris Announces New Project “Intermission”

Country music star Maren Morris took to social media on June 20 to share exciting news with her fans. She expressed, “Every good show needs an intermission,” hinting at a new musical project in the works.

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Collaboration with Julia Michaels

Morris revealed that the upcoming project, titled Intermission, is set to release on August 2. The first single from the album is a collaboration with Julia Michaels titled “Cut!,” slated for release on June 21. The duo teased the collaboration earlier with a kitchen-themed photo shared on social media, showcasing Morris wielding a chainsaw while Michaels sat at a table.

Morris described the collaboration by saying, “Can’t wait to cathartically scream f–k at the top of our lungs together.” In addition to “Cut!,” the track listing for Intermission includes songs like “I Hope I Never Fall in Love,” “Push Me Over,” “Because, Of Course,” and “This is How a Woman Leaves.”

Continuing Musical Journey

Following her previous hits like “The Tree” and “Get the Hell Out of Here,” Morris’s new project is a five-song set that follows her critically acclaimed albums Humble Quest and GIRL.

Maren Morris Opens Up

In a heartfelt moment earlier this month, Morris publicly came out as bisexual. She shared on Instagram, “Happy to be the B in LGBTQ+. Happy pride 🌈,” alongside a carousel of photos, including a shot of her proudly holding a Pride flag. This announcement followed Morris’s divorce from husband Ryan Hurd, whom she was married to for five years. The couple welcomed their son Hayes in March 2020.

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By embracing her identity and sharing her personal journey with her audience, Morris continues to connect with her fans on a deeper level.


Maren Morris’s announcement of the Intermission project with Julia Michaels has generated significant excitement among her fans. With a blend of powerful collaborations, emotional tracks, and a personal touch, Morris’s music resonates with audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for the release of “Cut!” on June 21 and the full Intermission album on August 2.

For more updates on Maren Morris and her music, visit her official website [here](https://www.marenmorris.com/).

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