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INXS recently came together for a special reunion to celebrate the release of their latest projects. The surviving band members, Garry Gary Beers, Kirk Pengilly, and brothers Andrew, Jon, and Tim Farriss, gathered at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel, overlooking Sydney Harbour, for their first reunion since 2017. As they flipped through old photos, memories of their journey flooded back.

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One of the projects that reflects their incredible fanbase and their connection with fans is “Calling All Nations.” This book, which includes contributions from UMG’s Andrew Kronfeld and Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel, is a “love letter” created by the band and their global fanbase. Pengilly remarked that before the project, they had no idea how much their music meant to individual fans. It wasn’t just about the shows, but also about the deeper connections fans felt during road trips and personal interactions with the band.

Beers, who now lives in California, also cherished the chance to reunite with his old bandmates in their hometown. He reflected on the band’s rise to fame, mentioning how they used to take up offers to visit fans’ homes and share meals, emphasizing the impact that people had on their journey. The book serves as a reminder that INXS truly mattered to people in more ways than just their music and successes.

“Calling All Nations” is available in three formats on the standard “First Edition” hardback book, a limited-edition “Deluxe” boxset, and an extremely limited-edition “Super Deluxe” box, hand-signed by the band members. Additionally, INXS has more exciting releases in store, including “All Juiced Up – Part 2,” a collection of nine limited-edition colored vinyl 12” records featuring remixes of classic INXS songs. The 30th-anniversary edition of “Full Moon Dirty Hearts” is also set for release, featuring an exclusive immersive audio edition created by Giles Martin, and is due out on November 2.

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The band’s last reunion before this recent gathering was in 2017, when they celebrated their 40th anniversary and were honored for achieving 50 million global record sales at the State Theatre masquerade party. INXS, formed in Western Australia in 1977, achieved great success in the music industry with six U.K. top 10 albums, including a No.1 with “Welcome To Wherever You Are” in 1992, and five U.S. top 20 albums. They received a BRIT Award for Best International Group in 1991 and were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001.

During the reunion, the band members also reflected on two important figures who played significant roles in their journey but are no longer with us: lead singer Michael Hutchence, who tragically passed away in 1997 at the age of 37, and Chris Murphy, often referred to as the “seventh member” of the band, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 66. Pengilly described Murphy as someone who was hungry and didn’t hold back.

The burning question on every fan and reporter’s mind is whether INXS will return to live performances. While the answer is not a definitive “no,” the band acknowledges the challenges they face. Beers expressed his longing to play with the band again, while Tim Farriss’s fretting hand has been affected by a severe injury in 2015. The band called time on touring in 2012, concluding with a final gig in their hometown of Perth, where it all began. They stress the importance of having control over their musical legacy and deciding when and where they perform.

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Andrew Farriss mentioned the possibility of finding a new singer to carry on the band’s legacy, someone who hasn’t been discovered or considered yet. The idea of reinventing themselves with a fresh voice excites him and holds the potential for an amazing new chapter for INXS.

In a surprise moment during the reunion, Universal Music Australia president Sean Warner presented INXS with global awards for achieving four billion streams. The awards featured a powerful Indigenous “full moon” design, and a separate sixth award was created to honor the late Michael Hutchence.

INXS’s reunion served as a special moment for the band members to reconnect and celebrate their journey, as well as honor those who have contributed to their success. While the future of live performances remains uncertain, the band’s significant achievements and impact on the music industry continue to be felt and appreciated by their loyal fanbase.

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