Brian Jonestown Massacre Australia Tour Cancelled Due to Onstage Fight

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Brian Jonestown Massacre Abruptly Ends Australian Tour Following Onstage Fracas

The Brian Jonestown Massacre has abruptly ended its tour of Australia after a public altercation broke out onstage earlier in the week, with video of the incident going viral. The band has canceled the last leg of its 11-date tour, which was set to conclude at the University of Wollongong UniBar in New South Wales, with The Laurels in support.

Canceled Shows and Intra-Band Fracas

Eight of the scheduled shows were sell-outs, including the scrapped dates at Theatre Royal in Castlemaine and Northcote Theatre in Melbourne. The incident occurred during the band’s ninth show at The Forum Melbourne on November 21. Footage of the altercation, captured by fans and circulated on social media, shows frontman Anton Newcombe in a confrontation with guitarist Ryan Van Kriedt, ultimately leading to the cancellation of the concert.

Newcombe is seen telling Van Kriedt to leave the stage before a physical altercation ensues, resulting in Newcombe striking Van Kriedt over the head with a guitar. Security stepped in to stop the scuffle, ending the concert.

Reason for Cancellation and Lack of Official Statement

As of now, there is no official statement from the band or tour promoters, Principal Entertainment, to explain the abrupt cancelation of the remaining tour dates. However, it is evident that the intra-band friction has resulted in the tour’s premature end.

Brian Jonestown Massacre and Anton Newcombe’s Career

As the frontman of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Anton Newcombe has released 20 studio albums over the course of his career. Known for his eccentric behavior, Newcombe gained widespread recognition for his role in the 2004 documentary “DIG!” which portrays the volatile relationship between Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, as well as their differing career paths.

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The band was touring in support of their latest album, “The Future is Your Past,” which was locally released through A Recordings/MGM Australia.

The Future of Brian Jonestown Massacre

With the abrupt end to their Australian tour and the publicized altercation, the future of Brian Jonestown Massacre remains uncertain. The band’s reputation for unpredictability and public upheavals has once again taken center stage, overshadowing their music and performances.


The abrupt end to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Australian tour following the onstage altercation has left fans and industry insiders questioning the future of the band. Anton Newcombe’s erratic behavior continues to define the band’s public image, casting doubt on their ability to maintain a stable and successful career in the music industry.

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