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Bryan Tanaka opens up about his split with Mariah Carey

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Bryan Tanaka, the 40-year-old backup dancer, recently took to social media to share a heartfelt statement about his amicable breakup with iconic singer Mariah Carey after seven years together. Tanaka describes the decision to part ways as mutual, expressing gratitude for the time they spent together and the memories they created. He also highlights the respect they have for each other as they embark on separate paths.

The Couple’s Journey

Carey and Tanaka first crossed paths in 2006 when he joined the singer’s Adventures of Mimi tour. Their romantic relationship came to light in 2017 when Carey referred to him as her boyfriend during an Associated Press interview. Their love story played out on Carey’s E! reality series Mariah’s World, unfolding after her split with ex-fiancé James Packer. Their split was initially rumored when Tanaka was absent from Carey’s Merry Christmas One and All! tour, as reported by People. Additionally, he did not spend the holidays with Carey in Aspen, Colo., as he usually does.

Tanaka’s Gratitude and Love

In his public statement, Tanaka expressed his appreciation for Carey and her children, explaining how they enriched his life in ways that words cannot capture. Despite the sensitive nature of the breakup, he kindly asked for understanding, privacy, and respect from fans and the public. Tanaka’s admiration for Carey’s dedication to her family and craft is evident, as he acknowledges the strength he has found in the outpouring of love and support from fans.

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Looking to the Future

As Tanaka navigates the aftermath of the separation, he eagerly anticipates continuing his journey, believing that his passion for inspiration, dance, and the creative arts will resonate in the unfolding chapters of his life.


Despite their decision to part ways, Tanaka’s message exudes respect and gratitude for the time he spent with Carey, as well as her children. He looks forward to continuing his journey and is thankful for the support he has received from fans. Despite the mutual split, the message emphasizes the positive aspects of their relationship and the potential for new beginnings.

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